Tips to Store Your Vehicles Until Summer

With a quick stoppage from winter weather, now might be a good time time to keep your vehicles safe from any further winter weather. While driving a convertible or boating may be a very enjoyable experience, using them in the winter is something we wouldn’t recommend you try. Here are some tips to ensure that you properly store your vehicles.


The end of convertible season, just like the hood of the car, is slowly creeping upon us. However, do not fear, as next year will still come around, and you’d like for your sweet ride to be ready! First, clean your car. While it may seem illogical to clean a car you won’t see for months, the phrase out of sight out of mind will burn you in the end. If you leave your car with stains they will multiply in effect while you store the car and will be harder to clean next summer. The same principle is true for the smell and tidiness of the inside of the car, as you do not want anything fermenting inside your car. Next you should change the oil, as the oil may have contaminants that can damage the engine. Another counter intuitive task to accomplish is filling up your oil tank before putting the car away. This will ensure moisture does not accumulate inside the fuel tank and will keep the seals from drying out. Refraining from using the parking brake is also another insider tip, as leaving the parking brake for too long of time can infuse your brake with the rotors, or quite simply, cause internal damage to the car itself. Now, when it comes to finally storing the car, make sure you keep it covered as the elements can take a toll on the exterior of your car. Preferable options are in a garage, or taking advantage of our car storage options!


Boat storage can be a particular pain as boats can take up a lot of space, and typically won’t fit into your garage. It is important to shield the boat from the elements when not in usage, and the aforementioned steps to tidy up the vehicle and perform maintenance checks beforehand are in effect for this as well. The first and most common storage option is on a trailer, and usually ends up in your yard taking up a lot of space. If you find a boat in your yard as an eyesore, other options include a boatyard or a marina. A boatyard will rack up your boat and keep it safe for the winter, and is traditionally the cheaper option. A marina is a nautical country club, with costlier prices but overall better treatment of you boat as it will be kept in the water and under watchful eye, but this is usually for larger boats and yachts.

Canoes & Kayaks

While these may stretch the definition of summer vehicles, your canoes and kayaks are something you’ll probably look to store for the winter. Requiring less maintenance than the motorized boats and cars, it is still important to ensure that your canoe or kayak is clean before putting it away. Also simply throwing them in the yard especially without any covering open it to damage from good ol’ mother nature. The best option, just like for a summertime car, is a covered location such as a garage. Here, however, lies a huge concern, as canoes and kayaks can take  an absurd amount of space in your garage. If you find this to be the case, we strongly suggest considering our storage unit options to keep your canoes and kayaks safe for the winter!

These tips will help ensure you take the proper precautionary measures and find your boats, cars, canoes, and/or kayaks a safe place to hibernate for the winter.

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Image by Vince S., via Free Images.