Preparing Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

Seasonal change is a time where a lot of other changes must also occur. Winter brings unforgiving weather, and it is important to prepare your home for the cold. An important part of winter preparation is taking care of your outdoor furniture. You most likely will not need them during the winter, but you will want them ready to use in the spring.


This is the most important step to prepare something for the winter. Leaving something with grime on it and generally dirty will be an unwelcomed surprise come spring time. You do not want mold or mildew growing on your outdoor furniture for the duration of winter. If your furniture is made from iron, wicker, plastic, or mesh simply cleaning it with dish soap and water will do. Wood furniture is a more complex cleaning process, but one that is necessary to overcome. If you do not want eternally stained wood, now is the time to clean it up. It’s difficult to generalize how to clean wood, but looking up your specific furniture and wood type online should give you tips on how best to clean it. Cushions on furniture that are made of fabric should be cleaned with lysol or detergent and hot water, and should be allowed to properly dry. After you have cleaned your furniture, giving it a protective coat will ensure that it looks good come springtime. Look into different types of coating depending on the material of your furniture.


There are two options you have with your now-clean outdoor furniture — either you cover them up, or you store them. If you simply leave the pieces outside with no cover they will face the battle of the elements, and most likely get wounded in the process. Purchasing furniture covers for the winter is a wise investment to keep your furniture healthier for a longer time.


Storage is the best option for especially fragile or valuable pieces of outdoor furniture. A shed or garage could suffice, but may not be ideal as outdoor furniture takes up a lot of space. A storage facility for the winter might be your best option to fulfill your home storage needs. Our facilities offer a safe environment for your outdoor furniture, that you can be accessed anytime and be ready to show off your clean and healthy outdoor furniture in the spring.

By following these simple steps to prepare your outdoor furniture for the winter, you will be making a valuable investment in your possessions. Come springtime you will be able to host people for barbecues or simply enjoy the outdoors with clean, and healthy outdoor furniture.

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Image by Mark Robinson, via Free Images.