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Tips to Store Your Vehicles Until Summer

With a quick stoppage from winter weather, now might be a good time time to keep your vehicles safe from any further winter weather. While driving a convertible or boating may be a very enjoyable experience, using them in the winter is something we wouldn’t recommend you try. Here are some tips to ensure that you properly store your vehicles.


The end of convertible season, just like the hood of the car, is slowly creeping upon us. However, do not fear, as next year will still come around, and you’d like for your sweet ride to be ready! First, clean your car. While it may seem illogical to clean a car you won’t see for months, the phrase out of sight out of mind will burn you in the end. If you leave your car with stains they will multiply in effect while you store the car and will be harder to clean next summer. The same principle is true for the smell and tidiness of the inside of the car, as you do not want anything fermenting inside your car. Next you should change the oil, as the oil may have contaminants that can damage the engine. Another counter intuitive task to accomplish is filling up your oil tank before putting the car away. This will ensure moisture does not accumulate inside the fuel tank and will keep the seals from drying out. Refraining from using the parking brake is also another insider tip, as leaving the parking brake for too long of time can infuse your brake with the rotors, or quite simply, cause internal damage to the car itself. Now, when it comes to finally storing the car, make sure you keep it covered as the elements can take a toll on the exterior of your car. Preferable options are in a garage, or taking advantage of our car storage options!


Boat storage can be a particular pain as boats can take up a lot of space, and typically won’t fit into your garage. It is important to shield the boat from the elements when not in usage, and the aforementioned steps to tidy up the vehicle and perform maintenance checks beforehand are in effect for this as well. The first and most common storage option is on a trailer, and usually ends up in your yard taking up a lot of space. If you find a boat in your yard as an eyesore, other options include a boatyard or a marina. A boatyard will rack up your boat and keep it safe for the winter, and is traditionally the cheaper option. A marina is a nautical country club, with costlier prices but overall better treatment of you boat as it will be kept in the water and under watchful eye, but this is usually for larger boats and yachts.

Canoes & Kayaks

While these may stretch the definition of summer vehicles, your canoes and kayaks are something you’ll probably look to store for the winter. Requiring less maintenance than the motorized boats and cars, it is still important to ensure that your canoe or kayak is clean before putting it away. Also simply throwing them in the yard especially without any covering open it to damage from good ol’ mother nature. The best option, just like for a summertime car, is a covered location such as a garage. Here, however, lies a huge concern, as canoes and kayaks can take  an absurd amount of space in your garage. If you find this to be the case, we strongly suggest considering our storage unit options to keep your canoes and kayaks safe for the winter!

These tips will help ensure you take the proper precautionary measures and find your boats, cars, canoes, and/or kayaks a safe place to hibernate for the winter.

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3 Snow Clean-Up Tips

With  winter storms in our near future, now is the time to start to preparing for them. Cleaning up snow is not an activity anybody enjoys, but proper snow clean-up can save you time and money. Here are some tips to streamline your snow clean up.

Snow Blower

Buying a snow blower is an easy solution. They can make your snow clean up orders of magnitude easier faster. The time and effort involved with shoveling is immediately removed. Not only that, the risk of injury is removed with the purchase of a snow blower. Like other machined ways to perform physical tasks, a snow blower is an expensive up front cost. However, in terms of real cost it can be worth it. If it makes your commute easier in the morning, it is directly making you more productive. Where to keep it? You only need a snow blower a few months a year, so our storage options can keep it safe for the rest of the year.

Incremental Shoveling

If you’re shoveling, anything more than a few inches of snow is going to pose a problem. That is why shoveling while it is still snowing may be a smart option. By shoveling incrementally at every few inches, the physical strain of shoveling large amounts is taken out. When it finally stops snowing, you will be very happy you invested the time during the storm to make the amounts of snow manageable. This also bodes well if you won’t necessarily have the time to shovel when the snow accumulates, or if you don’t want the snow to solidify and settle overnight.


If you can’t shovel incrementally, layering is a method to make shoveling accumulated snow easier. It involves making multiple passes through the area you’re shoveling. Instead of going inch by inch trying to tackle the whole amount of snow. This method involves quickly passing through and take a couple inches off the top of the snow each time around. By focusing on these lighter and quick shoveling methods it eases the strain on you and can be accomplished more quickly.

Follow these 3 steps to save time and money this winter!

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3 Ways to Transition to Winter

With Thanksgiving now over, it’s time to transition into winter mode. It’s important to properly prepare your home for the winter in order to save yourself money and keep your home in tip-top condition. Here are 3 ways to ensure that.


Water. You don’t want it by your home during the winter. Water freezing causes expansion that can damage multiple parts of your home. That’s why its important to clear your gutters for the winter. A buildup of leaves in your gutters over the course of fall can be a dangerous proposition for your gutters. That’s why its important to clear them out now before temperatures drop completely. An even more ambitious idea would be to make the most of our home staging storage opportunities to clear out your home and check if there is any water damage in your pipe throughout your home.

Cut Down on Heating Costs

Heating costs creep up on you with colder weather. This is the best time to make any renovation to your home. Adding new insulation or changing your windows are undertakings that can have high up front costs but will definitely save you money in the long run. If your home is unable to keep the heat inside, you’re literally letting money escape your home. That’s why it’s essential to use any means you have to trap the heat in during the winter.

Consider a Generator

Each year thousands of people regret not having a generator during a winter storm when they lose power. Don’t be one of those people. Consider a generator as a safe purchase that could pay off big time in case of an emergency. This is not just a solution for potential storms during the winter, but also comes into play with any other potential need for a generator during any other sort of power outage. Or, if your generator is portable, now you have mobile forms of energy.

Follow these 3 steps to save time and money this winter!

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Celebrating Halloween With Home Decorations

When it comes to the spookiest holiday of the year, none can compare to the thrills and chills that are enjoyed on Halloween! From haunted houses to pitch-black corn mazes, plenty of destinations are set up each year to provide a true fright for those compelled by the dark and the macabre. The holiday doesn’t have to be terrifying beyond words, however, as there are plenty of ways to extend the fun to the little ones, regardless of age! Here are a few decorative ideas to help get your home prepared for the final day of October and to involve the kids in a fun activity.


Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the fall season is the pumpkin thanks to its large size and striking orange color. The fun in pumpkins isn’t limited to merely picking them at local farms, as once one is picked, it becomes a canvas to express your imagination. By utilizing a kitchen knife or other sharp tool, you can easily create a spooky jack-o’-lantern that is perfect for a bay window or front stoop. If you’re looking to extend the crafting activity to children, you can even just grab paint instead of tools and paint a face directly on the pumpkin’s exterior. You may decide to even drop the brush and have an enjoyable afternoon of finger painting!

Spooky Ghosts

In celebrating Halloween, it’s hard to ignore the chilling image that a ghost presents! While there are certainly endless amounts of pre-made ghost decorations that you can buy in a store, making a DIY project out of it is quite a bit more fun! Since the traditional look of a ghost is pretty vague in that it only has to be white or translucent, you are free to start with anything from sheets to garbage bags. With the exterior established, the shape can attained by utilizing a stuffing such as paper, cotton, or simply hanging it outside to sway in the breeze.

Spiders and Bats

Combining both the color black with creatures that lurk in the night, spiders and bats embody the spirit of Halloween better than any other animals. As such, utilizing their images for a bit of decorating fun is a great way to add a creepy touch to your home this holiday. The simplest and cheapest way is to create them out of construction paper, which is simple and safe enough for all ages to enjoy. Just create a stencil of the image that you want and make as many as you like. You may even decide to ramp things up with 3D paper models or accessories for the eyes.

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Making a Home Gym

Mustering up the energy to go to the gym is half the battle of working out. But you pay monthly fees, so you have to go. Well, wouldn’t be easier if you brought the gym to your own home? With these tips you can make a nice home gym.

The Room

The first part of the process is clearing a room to house your new gym. This room would preferable have old flooring, and for convenience sake not much clutter to move. What to do with all of the items you’re moving out of the room? How about our home renovation storage solutions! In no time you can have a clear room ready to be built into your new temple of exercise. The only necessary step to making to it ready for gym equipment is adding proper gym flooring, which is both cheap and very worth the value.


The simplest strategy to ensuring you’re maximizing the space you have for exercise is to avoid buying expensive and space-consuming machines. Free-weight exercises are the best way to hit all your muscle groups with a very set and standard amount of equipment. A few barbells, dumbbells in whatever weight range you desire, a power rack, and a bench are the essentials. With those pieces of equipment you can work out most muscle groups as adequately as you would at a conventional gym. If you’d like accessories feel free to purchase them on a by-need basis. Get a muscle roller, and some mats too. Don’t worry about changing your equipment, because when the time comes and you’re thinking about a new workout regiment, our storage solutions  can make sure your equipment will always be accessible 24/7.


This is here you have the opportunity to turn your home gym into a place you want to workout rather than just a room with some equipment you don’t touch or use. Add your own personal touch. Like to watch TV when working out? Install a corner TV or just set one up somewhere. Add a nice stereo system so you can have some workout music blasting while working out. Some motivational poster on the walls can also go a long way.

Making a home gym is nice DIY project that can have very rewarding outcomes. Save on gym memberships, and make it easier to actually go and get a workout  in whenever you like.

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10 Fun and Creative Camper Hacks to Make You a Happy Camper


Anyone who loves camping knows their camper is their home away from home.  The only difference being, the camper is much smaller.  When camping you go to experience the outdoors but that doesn’t mean that the space inside your temporary home should suffer.  A Space Place Storage has put together a list of RV and camper hacks to help make the most out of your space, making you a happy camper.

  1. Hang your bathroom essentials





From shampoo to toothbrushes and hair brushes, this bathroom hack will open up space in your bathroom, leaving more room under the sink for towels, washcloths, and toilet paper.  Hanging your essentials from the shower curtain rod will also keep them more secure while driving.  You won’t end up with a mess of bottles rolling around underneath your sink.

  1. Install a towel rack



Another way to keep your bathroom items secure during the trip home is to install a towel rack on the wall of your tub.  It’s less frustrating when you shower too because you’re not fighting to balance the bottle of shampoo on the slippery tub.

  1. Use the sides of your cabinets



Hanging wire baskets from the sides of your cabinets can add more storage to your kitchen as well as making it easier to find the paper plates when you need them.  Let’s face it, you’re camping.  Every meal is served on paper plates and we love it.

  1. Use an over the sink dish rack



Counter space in limited in most campers.  You’re lucky to be able to find a large enough spot to put your cutting board let alone a giant dish rack.  Don’t waste precious counter space with a regular dish drying rack.  Get an over the sink one so your dishes are in one place and don’t take up the room you need for cooking.

  1. Over the stove cutting board



Speaking of not having enough counter space, an over the stove cutting board in the perfect way to go.  They come in different sizes so you can get on that goes over two burners or all four and you never have to worry about wasted counter space again.  I recommend purchasing one that goes over two burners so you still have access to the stove.

  1. Get creative



Making your own headboard can free up a ton of space in your bedroom.  Hang a curtain rod above your bed and add pockets for your glasses, reading materials and other items.  It’s a headboard and nightstand all rolled into one.

  1. Velcro small items


Remotes are always getting misplaced and lost even in our home.  It’s even worse in a camper when you’re driving because they can end up anywhere.  But if you Velcro them to the side of a cabinet you’ll know where they are every time, that is if you remember to put them back.

  1. Hang frequently used utensils



Oven mitts, spatulas, and barbeque tools are commonly used items when camping.  Make sure they are easily accessible by hanging them above your sink with suction cups or plastic adhesive hooks.

  1. Buy collapsible items



To make the most out of the space in your camper means to make the most out of the cabinet space.  Collapsible items like colanders/strainers, measuring cups, and in this case even coffee kettles, are a great way to utilize the space in your cabinets.

  1. Install pull out shelves



Last but certainly not least, pull out shelves are a great way to stay organized in any camper or home.  It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for without having to pull everything out.

Top 7 Life Hacks for Tiny Bathroom Storage

One of the smallest rooms in the house is incidentally the one with the most to store.  The bathroom.  Your cabinet is busting with towels, hair products, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and ladies, let’s not forget the agonizing search for a rubber band or bobby pin.  If you’re anything like me, one medicine cabinet isn’t enough.  Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite bathroom life hacks that will transform your bathroom in no time.

Over the toilet storage cabinet


A simple solution to cramped bathroom storage is an over the toilet storage cabinet.  They provide the perfect space for storing towels or toilet paper or really anything at all that may be taking up space in your pre-existing overcrowded cabinet.   No more shuffling through towels and washcloths to find that last roll of toilet paper.  Instead, spread your cabinetries out so everything is easier to find.   And, best of all, they don’t take up any floor space.

Attach hanging baskets    


If you don’t want to buy an extra piece of furniture for the bathroom you can always improvise.  Buy a few wicker baskets from your local craft store and attach them to the wall.  They’re a fun and interesting option to add a little creativity into your bathroom storage.

Install a bookshelf above the door



In a room that has little space to begin with you have to utilize all the wall space you can.  A shelf over the door frame is great for storing cleaning supplies or extra towels.  Just don’t put anything up there that you use on a daily basis, especially if you’re short like me.

Spice it up with a little creativity


From mousse to hair spray there are a lot of hair products that we ladies use on a daily basis.  Let’s face it; most of us won’t leave the house without checking our hair in the mirror at least 5 times.  But beauty comes at a cost and that cost is space.  All of those bottles and sprays take up most of the cabinetry in our bathrooms.  Not anymore.  Spice racks are the perfect wall accessory for your everyday beauty products that are now easy to find and easy to put away.

Storing your hair dryer


Speaking of hair products, one of the most popularly used items is the hair dryer.  Of course it’s one of the most annoying to store, that is unless you have one with a retractable cord.  But if you don’t and don’t feel like throwing away a perfectly good hair dryer, follow this easy bathroom hack.  Take a magazine holder and screw it to the inside of the cabinet.  You now have a great space to store your hair dryer and more room inside your cabinets.  Now you just have to remember to unplug it and not leave it lying on top of your bathroom sink.  Oops.

Keep your bobby pins in check


I’m always buying packs and packs of bobby pins yet I probably own five.  They’re always disappearing, but after installing a magnetized strip to underneath the bathroom mirror maybe I’ll be able to find them when I need them.


Use a tension rod to store cleaning supplies


Tension rods are inexpensive and available at any Home Depot or home improvement store.  They’re easy to install and create the perfect space for storing cleaning supplies.  Under the sink is prime real estate and often times goes to waste.  With installing a tension rod underneath your bathroom counter you can now utilize the vertical space while still allowing room for storage below.



Bitcoin, the Future of Currency?


What is Bitcoin, what is a cryptocurrency, and why should I use it?These are questions many are asking, and questions that many more will be asking in the near future.

A cryptocurrency is a medium created for the secure exchange of information. It is the use of currency that which implements the principles of cryptography to incorporate a decentralized, distributed and secure information economy. And Bitcoin was the first of it’s kind, introduced way back in 2009, live for trading.

Bitcoin, introduced as an open-source software by developer Satoshi Nakamoto, is basically a payment system. The payments that occur in the system are denoted in ‘bitcoins’, and are recorded in a public ledger using this unit of account. There is no central repository or single administrator, as transactions are done peer-to-peer, and it is considered a decentralized virtual currency by the US Treasury.

But how does one obtain a Bitcoin? They are created as a reward for payment processing work done by users who offer their computing power to record and verify payments into the public ledger. This activity is called ‘mining’. And companies or individuals participate in this process for freshly generated bitcoins and transaction fees. Other ways to obtain bitcoin is in exchange for products, fiat money, and services. Users are capable of receiving and sending bitcoins electronically, for an optional transaction fee, via a wallet software based on a mobile device, personal computer, or a web application.

Now, the big question: Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? As a form of payment for all sorts of products and services, bitcoin has seen major growth. Currently, one bitcoin is worth $564.8, and has seen highs over $1000! The reason major merchants, like, are in support for the switch to bitcoin is because fees are lower than the 2-3% imposed by credit card processors.

So what is the problem with using Bitcoin? The fees are paid by the purchaser instead of the vendor, so they lack consumer protections. They can be stolen and also chargebacks are not possible. Though commercial use of bitcoin is currently small, its use by speculators is much greater and the reason prices tend to skyrocket. Bitcoin has also faced scrutiny , as its been used on the online blackmarket via such sites as Silk Road.

Considering these factors, its easy to realize it has its perks and falls. Though bitcoin may not stay, it is highly likely at least some other digital currency will pave its way to our future.

Go Green!

With the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day upon us, there’s never a better time of year to appreciate the green and wonderful planet that is our home. With partners and supports in 192 countries around the world, Earth Day has snowballed and gathered support since its initial celebration back in 1970. After peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the planet. The Earth Day network is a globally supported network that sponsors many events and promotions. However, being involved does not require being a part of any organization or network. You can be a contributing member of Earth day simply by slightly changing your lifestyle to be more friendly to the planet.


Americans throw out four pounds of trash on average per day, which adds up to 1,460 pounds of garbage each year for only one person, and a daily American mountain of 200 million tons. Just by recycling a few items per day you can have an effect in reducing the amount of waste produced. Cleaning products often contain an excess of chlorine and petroleum. By using a green alternative we can stop harmful gases from being released in the ecosystem. Compact fluorescent last ten times longer than regular incandescent bulb and use one fourth of the power. The lights are inexpensive and with the amount of electricity that is used on a daily basis, can make a huge difference.


As a top notch storage facility, A Space Place storage wants to put its full support behind Earth Day and conserving the planet. A Space Place offers storage units ranging from small 5 X 5 lockers to large 10 X 30 garages. Our units come with options for drive up access and climate control. We offer promotion and deals every week, and have the lowest prices on quality storage units and moving truck rentals. A Space Place is a proud supported of Earth Day and conservation of the planet. If storage is what you need, and you support the planet, A Space Place storage has got you covered!

It’s getting hot out…

Summer is coming – So it’s Time to Store Away Those Winter Goods

Not only must we look to bring out all those goods and furniture items that we stored away for the winter, but we must now start to consider storing items throughout the summer months. Yes, summer is well on its way now and the harsh, cold, snow-filled winter is slowly starting to give way to blossom on the trees, squirrels running around and hedgehogs coming out of hibernation.

It is also that time of the year when we need to look at what items need to be stored away for safe keeping during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Students and pupils that have attended universities and community colleges across America will be shortly going away on the notorious Spring Break extravaganzas. After they return there will be a short semester that will take them through to early July before the Summer Break kicks in and thoughts spring towards all the students and their belongings, and what to do with it all.

There are going to be books, there will be clothes, there will be bikes, rucksacks, CDs, computer equipment, college projects, files, folders, school decorations and Christmas festive bunting. The list just goes on and on and a student can not simply dump all these items on mom and dad. They surely won’t entertain it – but one firm that will is A Space Place in New York that will happily store away all that winter gear until it’s time to return to school or university in September.

Many products fail to survive the burning hot summers that we experience from June through to September; so why not take advantage of A Space Place climate controlled storage? There is more than enough space to stock bottles of wine, computer equipment, vintage motor vehicles and other items that really don’t wear well during the intense summer heat.

Items like paintings can become damaged by homes that suffer from high humidity in the summer months, also some antiques can devalue quickly if exposed to damp, hot air. Photos and old books that you want to protect from possible forest fires near your home are safe in climate controlled storage facilities.

The time to start organizing all this is now. The longest day of the year is just a couple of months away and it is now when you should start to make an inventory of your belongings that need to be put away in summer storage. Just remember to leave the sun tan lotion at home!