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When to Replace Appliances

Appliances are an important yet underrated part of your home. Often expensive devices, they are necessary household items. Ranging from a microwave to a washer, replacing one of these can be quite the task. That is why it’s important to decide whether you need to replace an appliance or can get it repaired.

When to Repair

If one of your appliances is broken the first thing you should consider is if it’s repairable. First, check if it’s actually broke. You’d be surprised how many times people think something is broken only to find out it’s not plugged in or it simply needs to be cleaned. Especially washers and dryers can have filters that get filled with lint and dust. If it is actually broken, check if you have a warranty for that appliance. If it is still under warranty you can easily schedule a service call to have professional repair the items for little to no cost. However, if you do not have a warranty, this is where decisions have to be made. If you consider yourself to have some handy-man skills, DIY (do it yourself) could be the most cost effective option. However, if you cannot fix it yourself, you need to consider the age of the appliance and the cost of a repair. You can search online to see what the life expectancy of your product is, and you can obtain a quote for a repair.

When to Replace

If your appliance is past the halfway point of its expected life cycle, and a repair costs more than 50% of a new appliance, then its time to consider replacing. Generally, it is nice to replace appliances that are towards the end of its life cycle if your budget permits. However, when an appliance is actually broken and a repair cost more than half of a new appliance, then purchasing a new appliance is the most cost-effective option. At that point the old appliance would become a liability to break again and is already an outdated model. Newer appliances perform better and are generally more energy efficient. When purchasing a new appliance, look into possibly purchasing designated energy efficient appliances.  While they cost a bit more, if you’re planning on using the appliance for 10 or more years the savings you can get from having an energy efficient appliance may be worth it. Now what do you do with your old appliance? If we’re talking about an old washer or drier, selling these or recycling them can make you an extra buck. Look into companies that pay you to take the appliance off your hands, and while waiting to figure out what to do with the option, consider our storage units as a place to store that big appliance instead of out on the street.

The decision between repairing or replacing a broken appliance can be a very important one. By weighing in all of the variables around the decision, you can save a lot of money and have a working appliance in the process.

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