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Benefits of Storage Units

There are many reasons why businesses rent out storage units. In many cases furniture and other possessions can be easily stored in them by people, however much more than that can go in there. Materials, office supplies and even merchandise can all be stored that way, giving a wide range of clients a chance to use the services of such companies. This article will point out what each group of clients may gain by using storage units for their daily needs. We begin with the domestic aspect of our article:

•Home moving benefits
Until we really need them, we rarely think of storage units and that is completely normal for us as a consumer-based society. One of the cases where these services are absolutely needed however is when we move our home to a faraway place. Chances are you will not have enough space in your new home for all the personal belongings you have accumulated throughout the years. That begs the question where you will put the extras until you find a way to deal with them in an appropriate manner. In many cases though you may need to wait a while before you manage to move all your belongings and this is when storage comes in as being very useful.

•Students Storage Benefits
Moving on to complete your education can be exhilarating and difficult, as you will likely move away from your home for the first time, but that will also leave you with a lot of preparations to deal with. Storage can and most often will be necessary to get the job done, however the practical side of moving will likely be the last thing on your mind as your life will be going through a major change at this time. If you want to find proper storage it will be likely your family and friends will help you with that. Storage units will give you the space you may be lacking in your dorm room, also giving you more freedom of choice for an affordable monthly fee.

•Business Storage Benefits
While there are many businesses out there, they are always in need of a great deal of space. It could be because they are expanding, storing materials and stock or equipment or for many other reasons. A business can benefit in all of these scenarios because of the security and reliability offered by storage units.

•Other Benefits offered by storage units
Overall, storage units give you a chance to use more space than you would otherwise have, letting you keep your belongings safe and sound with great security measures. These measures may vary, depending on the type of the unit and the company involved, however most of them will at least have a CCTV system and security guards working on the spot 24 hours a day. Your belongings will be safe behind locks and out of sight, which is much better than being in your home while you’re not around. They are an excellent choice when you need to store valuables, sensitive documentation and more.

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Drive up

Having to walk around a building to get to your storage unit might be too much of a hassle at times. You might not be able to access everything as easily or even move everything as quickly, which can be especially difficult if you have problems with heavy lifting. Rather than deal with these issues so that you can have a storage unit, you can take advantage of drive up storage. This gives you convenience and accessibility in a way that indoor storage simply cannot. You will be able to move massive items around more easily, do the job in a much quicker manner, and be done in no time. This is something that every person can take advantage of, too, because of the low cost and moving truck availability.

Storage gives you the chance to place your belongings somewhere safe and accessible. When that storage is indoors, however, you might not be able to get to it as easily as you need to. This will make it harder for you to get your belongings and to move them around quickly. With how this can affect you, you will find yourself becoming stressed out and unable to get everything, especially if there are only a small number of people or even you alone. By using drive up storage services, you will be able to avoid these issues. You can drive the moving truck or your vehicle up to the storage unit, unpack everything into the storage or bring everything into your vehicle, and then be finished.
This is an incredibly easy thing to do. Storage units are simple in general, but the drive up ones make the job even easier. This is because you really just need to drive up and begin moving your belongings around. If you have additional movers with you or moving equipment in the vehicle, even moving large furniture is going to be an easy job. You will be able to get everything into the storage unit or into your vehicle with ease and in a small amount of time. This makes the experience less stressful and time consuming than it normally is.

If you have large furniture that will not fit into your vehicle and no money to rent a moving truck, you will enjoy the free moving truck. This is available with all storage units and it can make the move go much more quickly. You have the increased space as well as greater reliability that comes with a moving truck. You will be able to do the job more quickly and with much less stress thanks to this additional service available to everyone.
The use of drive up storage is available to everyone. Since it is especially beneficial for people who have a lot of items, large furniture, or difficulties moving heavy objects, this is something that many people should use. This will give you the chance to store and move your items with greater ease and less stress. With the additional service of the free moving truck, you will be able to doing everything quickly and easily.

Moving Boxes Tips

When it comes to moving, boxes are something you must deal with at all times, as they are inevitable and vital to the efforts undertaken to achieve. The question is a rather simple one – how many and what types of boxes will you need to get the job done. This article will cover what you may need in the process of moving and how you should approach the entire subject. We begin with a few small tips:

• Buy a good amount of smaller moving boxes. You might want to stick to the rule of never overburdening the boxes you work with, as they will have to take a lot of weight and may break if you’re not careful. Even if you work with a hired moving company, you should still remember you may need to do some moving of your own as you prepare things for them, so ensure you can lift them with comfort when you prepare.

You may need many different types of boxes, depending on what you will move from point A to point B, so here are some tips on what types are available and what they are good for:

• 1.5 cubic feet boxes are one of the most often used ones during a move. They can take up to 60 lbs of weight without breaking, but you should keep your loads just under 50 if you want to be safe. These are perfect for books, dishes, desk lamps and other similar small items.

• 3.0 cubic feet moving boxes allow you to load up to 65 lbs of weight, making them very useful for electronics, pans, clothing and similar items.

• 4.5 cubic feet boxes are capable of supporting weight similar to their smaller variations. They are useful for larger objects, such as kitchen appliances, large lamps and linens among other belongings.

• 6.0 cubic feet boxes are large enough to move blankets, cushions, linens, toys and pillows as well. You should keep in mind that despite their large size they can only carry up to 70 lbs of weight before risking damage. Avoid stuffing them full unless you want them spilling all over the place if you’re not careful, especially with heavier items.

• 6.1 cubic feet boxes are rectangular, making them ideal for cushions, comforters, blankets and similar objects. You can use these for any items larger than a 6 foot box.

• Wardrobe boxes have inner hangers, coming in three sizes. They each have a metal bar inside, allowing you to hang your clothes without wrinkles as much as its possible, working great for clothes you want to keep safe on the road. Official dresses, costumes and so forth can easily fit there, giving them ample protection against bumps and other things that may occur during a move. One thing you want to keep in mind however is that the boxes themselves have a decent weight too and they take up a whole lot of space, compared to folding and placing your clothes in smaller boxes. In some cases you can use them to move hanging items of a delicate, fragile nature.

• Lay down wardrobe boxes are similar to a dresser, letting you pack clothes with as little folding as possible. You should avoid stuffing them as well, as they are not very strong.

• There are also specialized boxes for mirrors and picture frames, dish packs and mattresses, but those are entirely optional, unless you specifically want to use them.

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

As many of you probably know Long Island was hit pretty hard by hurricane sandy. Due to this there are many people looking for climate controlled storage on Long Island. Whether you need climate controlled storage temporarily or long term, we’ve got you covered. We know these are hard times and that’s why we’re offering our climate controlled storage unit and long island storage units at the lowest prices they’ve been….ever! We know you have many choices when looking for self-storage, but there’s a few key things that set’s A Space Place Storage’s climate controlled units apart from the competitor.

Our climate controlled storage units are able to accessed 24/7. Unlike other storage facilities that close their gates at a certain time, A Space Place allows for you to access your belongings at any time. We know you have a busy schedule and that you aren’t always able to make it here when you want. Not only do we offer 24/7 storage access on all of units, but we offer 24/7 surveillance on the premises! We want you to rest assured all of your belongings are safe and that’s why we offer this. Not only is our 24/7 surveillance all around the premises but it’s on the outside too! You can feel safe when you’re renting a climate controlled storage unit at A Space Place Storage.

So with the aftermath of sandy, we want you to know we’re here for you. Whether you need climate controlled storage units or long island storage at the absolute lowest prices, we got it. Our climate controlled storage units are perfect for what whatever you need to store on Long Island storage. Our climate controlled storage units come in a variety of sizes and are priced the cheapest they can be!

Moving truck blog

So you’ve just rented your climate controlled storage unit, now what? Well you have to get all your belongings there! Now there’s various ways you can do this, but the most common is renting a moving truck. That is unless you want to make multiple trips to your climate controlled storage unit! Here at A Space Place Storage we make it easy. With every climate controlled storage unit rental we offer our 14’ moving truck for free! It’s just our way of saying thanks for using A Space Place for all your storage needs, we know you have options.

Our moving truck rental is perfect for you move, in one smooth trip you’ll be able to move whatever you may need. Our climate controlled storage units are perfect for storing your belongings for the winter. We take pride in providing climate controlled storage at the lowest prices on Long Island and New York. With two convenient locations for climate controlled storage there’s bound to be one near you. Our two locations are located in Centereach, New York and Melville, New York which both provide long island storage at the lowest rates.

So if you’re looking for climate controlled storage or Long Island storage at the absolute lowest prices then you’ve come to the right place. We have been offering the lowest prices on climate controlled storage and long island storage for over two decades. Our free moving truck rental is just the icing on the cake! Rest assured you are getting the best deal for your money. Not only are you getting the cheapest climate controlled storage, but on top of that you’re getting a free moving truck rental! What’s better than that? We’re sure that you’re going to get the best deal on climate controlled storage, so do your research before. You’ll be pleasantly surprised on how much money your saving by renting a climate controlled storage unit with A Space Place Storage.

Winter storage

With winter in full effect, it might just be time to store your car! Don’t allow it to brave the elements when you store here at A Space Place storage. If you need climate controlled storage then you’ve come to the right place. A Space Place offers everything you can possibly need for self storage. Whether you need climate controlled storage, drive up storage, or winter storage, we’ve got you covered.

If you don’t want your car getting damaged during the winter then consider renting a drive up storage unit. You might be surprised how much a drive up storage unit can be! Our drive up storage units are located on the ground floor and are perfect for a car or motorcycle. Don’t allow your precious belongings to be damaged when you can just get a climate controlled storage unit for the winter.

All of our climate controlled storage units are the cheapest around, we’re proud to offer the lowest prices on climate controlled storage and drive up storage. Our facility is safe too! We have 24/7 surveillance just so you can have peace of mind. We want to make sure your belongings are there when you need them and that’s why our customers keep coming back.

Remember that A Space Place Storage offers the lowest prices on climate controlled storage units and drive up storage units. We pride ourselves in providing winter storage at the lowest prices. Our customers constantly recommended use due to our low prices and outstanding customer service. If you’re looking for winter storage at the lowest prices on long island then you’ve come to the right place. With two convenient locations for long island storage in Melville and Centereach, there’s bound to be A Space Place near you. So what are you waiting for, call us now for an exclusive rate on climate controlled storage.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy came and went leaving destruction in its path. Although there was almost 90% of Long Island without power, its slowly starting to return back to normal. We have had many new customers due to flooding, which is very unfortunate. We want you to know we’re here for you! We’re currently offering the lowest rates on climate controlled storage units during this crisis. We know this is a very stressful time and we’re doing all we can in order to ensure that your things are kept safe from harm.

A Space Place Storage is offering the lowest prices on climate controlled storage units in both our Centereach and Melville location. Whether you need storage long term or short term, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today so we can provide you with the storage that your family needs. Whether you need a climate controlled storage unit or a drive up storage unit look no further. We have power, so feel free to come in a charge whatever device you have! We’re offering the lowest prices ever due to hurricane sandy aftermath, we care about our community and are always looking for ways to give back.

Whether you need storage or a moving truck, we’ve got you covered. We also provide moving trucks with any move in to a storage unit! If you don’t have a vehicle to transport all your belongings, use one of our 14 foot trucks! They are perfect for transporting all of your belongings in one single trip. It is important to make sure you can fit all of your things so you don’t have to make multiple trips. Remember, here at A Space Place Storage we’re here for you, whether you’re in need of storage or a moving truck feel free to call us now for our exclusive rates!

Cleaning out the garage

The garage is a key addition to any household however over time it can become something of an elephant in the room. Over time the garage can become cluttered with boxes, tools, left over items for the holidays, and on top of that you might even be storing a car with everything else. This becomes a nuisance after a while because you can’t even stand the sight of it anymore if not the case even walking into the garage. You want to clean up the garage to make more room and bring it back to the useful state it was in but you aren’t too sure where to start. Do you want to finally clean out that garage to create space for maybe storing a car and having space for projects in the future?

A Space Place Storage is the perfect place to look on cleaning out the garage and will help you get started. A Space Place Storage is a storage facility with locations in both Melville and Centereach Long Island with affordable rates for storage units. We have storage units ranging from 5ft x 5ft all the way up to 20ft x 30ft for your storage needs. If you are curious about maybe storing the vehicle in your garage that you never use we offer vehicle storage also. If you are weary about certain items A Space Place Storage has a climate controlled units to keep those items at the perfect temperature. If you open a storage unit today we offer a free truck rental in order to help ease your way with moving all your items into our storage units.

So take the first step and open a storage unit today to help finally clean out that garage. Search for A Space Place Storage or even just drive-up to one of our locations today and open one of our cheap, affordable, and reliable storage units.

Truck Rentals

Many people usually don’t give much thought to truck rentals and try their best to do the move all by themselves in their family cars, making several trips to get the work done. By doing that, those people are not only wasting their time, they are also wasting their gas and opening themselves up to different kinds of accidents. It is always a better idea to rent out a truck when moving a lot of stuff from one place to another. Moving trucks usually don’t cost that much and eventually add up to being the same amount of money as if you were to make several trips with your regular car. We here at A Space Place Storage have a voucher for a free moving truck when you rent one of our units because we understand how much work it is to move and having a free truck rental certainly helps make the move easier on us. Just a few key points to remember when renting out the truck would be to make sure you are comfortable driving a truck. You don’t want to drive a truck that’s too big for you which can be dangerous. We here at a space place storage have different sizes for our trucks, so you have an option to pick one that you feel most comfortable driving, our smallest truck is very easy to drive, even for the beginners! Several links have been posted below if you want to check out our truck rentals. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about truck rentals.

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Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage is when you want to store all the excess furniture and clothing from one season when you are in another season. For example, you might have plenty of winter clothing, but spring is already here. All of those clothes and extra furnace might take up space, so seasonal self storage is the perfect choice. If you are from Long Island, you might want to go for seasonal storage Long Island, and if you are from New York, go for seasonal storage NY.

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