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Getting Ready for Spring

While it may not seem so, spring is right around the corner! With warmer weather approaching, now is a good time to prepare your home for the spring season. Here are some tips to ensure you and your home are ready for spring.


Not all of spring has to do with lawn maintenance, as spring is also a time where your home itself needs to be ready too. First, you may want to check if your air conditioner is functioning properly. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and realizing your AC isn’t working properly on the first hot day of the year would be less than ideal. If there are any problems it is best to schedule an appointment now for a time in the future than wait until they have tons of people trying to schedule repairing appointments. Changing your HVAC filter is also something you should look to do before you have to use it. Procrastination is tempting, but overcoming it is extremely rewarding. It is also a good time to check your refrigerator’s filter before your refrigerator becomes an indispensable item during warmer months. This may also be a good time to inspect your clothes dryer vent to ensure it will function properly as well. If you end up with some broken appliances in need of repair, consider our home storage options to help with the logistics of it!


The biggest change that comes with spring time occurs outside. After the snow has completely melted it is the perfect time to start inspecting your home. Walk around and inspect the entire exterior to see if there are any areas that need to be repainted or have been damaged during the winter. It is also a prime time to trim trees and branches that might get too close to your home. Once they bloom a close enough branch can act like a freeway for bugs to enter your home in the spring.  Another important thing to check is your drainage systems. Before it starts raining too often, making sure your gutters are clear of debris and are ready to roll is a very important way to avoid water damage. Inspecting your roof is also another very important place that the winter could have damaged. You don’t want any damaged or missing shingles, or even a defunct chimney, to become a problem before it’s too late. Making sure your sprinklers are ready to operate for the spring and summer time is also another good way to get ahead of the game. Trying to repair sprinklers during their peak season of use will be a decision that you’ll feel in your pocket and will take more time than sorting out any problems now.

The arrival of spring will be an exciting time for many. But like all exciting opportunities, you must prepare for them in advance. By getting ready for spring now, you will be ahead of the game and will ensure your home is in tip-top shape.

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3 Things to Check Before Halloween

Halloween weekend is a time for joy for people of all ages. Yet, if you’re a homeowner, you know it comes with some added baggage. One of the biggest holidays of the year comes with a lot of items to add to the to do list. Here are 3 major items to make sure you have covered.


Before strangers, especially children, start walking onto your lawn and your front steps, it’s important to make sure they are clear of clutter and presentable. It’ll only take a few hours at most, and the difference it will make will be drastic. A quick cleanup can make the entrance of your home and front yard very presentable to the numerous strangers who will trek across it in the coming days. Also, you don’t want there to be anything that would get anyone hurt on your property. If you need some last second storage options, remember to keep us in mind as we’re always here to help!


Building off the last item on our list, it’s important to show off a festive mood. A clean and nice looking house can be one-upped by a festive and well-decorated one. Our last blog post article covers Halloween decorations in more detail, and we strongly suggest you look into them so you can be one of thee top Halloween places in your neighborhood. Being a part of a community means getting involved in community events, and being a festive home surely puts you on that path. Also, especially if you plan to host a Halloween party, these decoration ideas can go a long way.


Last but not least, you must ensure you have an ample supply of candy! No matter how nice or festive your house looks, you will disappoint a lot of people, mostly the kids, if you don’t have enough candy for the trick-or-treating that will be happening. Also, make sure you have quality brand name candies. It may be enticing to personalize the treats you give out, but parents are wary of personalized items, so a nicely packaged brand-name treat will make everybody happy!

Make sure to check these items off of your Halloween to-do list as soon as possible!

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3 Tips For an Awesome House Party

Hosting a party is one of the few scenarios where you can dictate how enjoyable your night is. The amount of time and effort you put into making your party a success will directly correlate to your friends and family having a good time. Here are a few tips to get your next party on the right path.

The Playlist

Having someone DJ shouldn’t be a last second call. The earlier you figure out who will be controlling the music and what the playlist will be, the less likely you’ll run into any speed-bumps on game day. You don’t want your guests to second guess your choice of music or question ho’s controlling the music, it should be a seamless part of the party. You should know the guests you have coming and what type of playlist will suit the atmosphere you’re trying to create. You can even use the playlist to have the party peak at a certain hours and then gradually die down.

The Guest List

Undoubtedly the guests at your party will determine how it goes. It’s important to segment your guest lists into the type of friends they are and how’ll they’ll be at a party. Try and balance your party animal friends with the number of more socially relaxed ones. Make sure a good portion of your friends groups overlap so the party won’t be too cliquey. And, most importantly, if you know which friends will show up late and which will show up on time, give them different starts times to everybody starts showing up at the time you want the party to start happening.  If you want a dry party, try and avoid inviting friends who may not follow any house rules you may set. The most important thing to remember is that you are not obliged to invite anyone, it’s all up to you.

Proper Spacing

A good party usually involves some nice mingling and interactions among your guests. The best way to facilitate this is to have a set-up that is inviting for people to interact. Whether you want to set up a dance floor or just clear some space for guests to roam around more easily, this is an often underrated part of a party. If you need help creating space for this, we have storage options that can help you make your party the best it can be.

A good party can be planned for, and these tips will help get you on the right path.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Gardening

Gardening can be a fulfilling hobby for many. But, this hobby does take serious time and dedication to truly be a successful gardener. Here are a few ways to improve your gardening!

Specialized Tools

This is the simplest way to make the next step. A pair of gloves and a hose can get a few plants growing, but to tame a tremendous and grand garden more specialized tools will be needed. Examples include hedge trimmers, large shears, a good spade. Just look into what plants you have and what you need to take care of them to the best of your potential. And don’t even worry about where you’ll store your new tools!


A lush garden may need some extra energy to reach your goals. Fertilizing is probably the most effective way to ensure your plants grow green and as vibrant as possible. For us in the northeast, fall is the best time to fertilize your garden, which is coming up in just one month! If you need to use a lot of fertilizer or even mulch, our home renovation storage options can also be suitable for you. Only make one trip to the store and then keep any fertilizer or mulch on hand at our facilities as you need!


Accumulation is your enemy! Any dead leaves or plant particles on the ground near your plants is thatch. That thatch should be removed! It blocks necessary water and nutrients from reaching your plants. Also, it makes your garden look tidier and nicer to an outside eye. A fresh layer of compost, topsoil, or mulch depending on the plants you own can also add to the aesthetic of your garden. Keep in mind your area may have services to pick up lawn and gardening debris and trash, which helps with disposal of the thatch!


A garden isn’t just a generalized location for plants. The plants don’t have to mingle, and your garden can be spread all across your property. Don’t be afraid to create nice stone boundaries between different sections. You can even use other materials like rope and get creative to design different boundaries. Use flower pots for certain plants that you would like to highlight or to put plants in different places above the ground. A more well spread out garden over your property will really go to accentuate its beauty and how well it goes with your house.

A nice garden can be a beautiful part of any home. These 4 tips can make your garden even more lush and pleasing than it already is!

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3 Ideas for Laundry Room Storage

A laundry room is a small part of your house that usually goes unnoticed. However, there are a surprising amount of items that go into doing your laundry, and sometimes the mess of the laundry room can create clutter in other parts of the house. Here are some tips to make sure you’re maximizing the storage potential of your laundry room.

Laundry Basket

Do you have dirty laundry scattered around your home? One laundry basket can be a solution for everybody! Instead of hampers spread around every room, a centrally located one is an easy way to avoid having scattered and disorganized clothes. By having a laundry basket near your laundry room doing laundry will be much easier, especially if you have kids. Just drop off dirty clothes in the basket whenever you have some. This simple step can help you remove clutter in your home and make your laundry room more efficient. Our home storage professionals recommend it!

Storage Racks

A good laundry room should have all of your laundry essentials in it. If you don’t have enough room, maybe it’s time to expand the storage capabilities of your laundry room. If you don’t already have storage racks above your washer and dryer, this can be an easy installment that can handle all of your laundry essentials. All of your detergent can be kept up there and accessed easily when doing laundry. If you need help to to renovate, just keep in mind our home renovation storage solutions! Laundry storage racks can also be used to help with folding clothes after they’ve been washed and dried.

Going Vertical

If you don’t want to go for the storage racks, here’s another way to maximize vertical storage space. An idea that isn’t used too often is to take the washer dryer combo and make it vertical! Stacking a dryer on a washer may seem out of the ordinary, but if your laundry room is cramped but has a tall ceiling this may be the best route for you! Again, taking our home renovation storage help in mind, this tal task may be the right path forward for your laundry room!

Hopefully these 3 ideas make your laundry room more tidy and efficient!

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3 Fresh Ideas for Decorating a Room

A room with empty walls and just furniture can get pretty stale. Thankfully, people have designed products to help decorate rooms and make them lively! Here are some ways you can decorate any room in the house.


Instead of an empty wall, or a wall filled with numerous posters, a tapestry can provide a fresh decor idea. With colorful designs, wall tapestries can be a way to change the mood of a bedroom or even a living room! One piece can be the main focus of an entire room. If you need to clear up furniture to free up wall space, we can help! Freeing up clutter and focusing the design of a room on a few large decor pieces can make the room look more modern and appealing. And if you ever decide to remove the tapestry, unlike a poster, the cloth can be repurposed as a tablecloth or even a blanket!


The classic fixture of a living room, artwork can really express the mood of a room. Without breaking the bank, a simple piece or art with a landscape portrait can take up a whole wall. The only way artwork can go wrong as decor if it is overdone. Try not to clutter a wall with multiple pieces. The same holds true for the type of artwork as well. If you only have one type of art style on all of the walls in your home (for example, portraits of individuals) it might be a little weird. As clutter experts, we recommend moderation and spacing to be considered when choosing artwork in designing your home.


Often overlooked, the floor decor of a room can be critical depending on the flooring of the room. However, under any circumstance a nice rug can really tie a room together. Especially for wooden floors, a rug can be a necessary feature in the part of the room that sees the most foot traffics. Or if the room doesn’t have a centerpiece, if you don’t want it to look too empty, a rug can offer a layer of design that doesn’t actually take up any space. Also, some well placed rugs can make your house feel warmer during the cold winter months and could potentially cut down energy costs through perceived warmth.

Interior design is your own prerogative, move forward with it how you please. However, these three ideas can help you brainstorm ways to reinvent your home.

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Making Sure Your Home is Secure

Everybody feels as if their home is a sanctuary. A place to rest after a long days work; a place to make memories with friends and family. Such an important cornerstone of your life should be safe and secure, and here are some ideas how to ensure that.

Security System

To feel the most secure, a home security system may be the best solution. It is an investment in peace of mind. Skeptical about how effective surveillance systems are? Just ask us! We have 24 hour security at our facilities and utilize 4-digit entrance codes to our storage units just as if it were a home security system. Paying for the services of a security company may be the most effective in securing your house, and any homeowner should definitely consider this option strongly.


Even inside your home, it’s important to consider the placement of your most important belongings and documents. Nobody knows your home better than you, so you should have the best idea of where to keep the important possessions so only you have access to them. Can’t think of a place to keep them in your house? You should consider our safe storage options for documents and smaller possessions. We offer safe storage at our secured premises for a low rate.


This is probably the most overlooked aspect of safety and security in the modern day and age. There’s no better safety system than having a community looking out for the safety and security for all of its members. New to a community? Make friends! Go to a community event, invite your neighbors to dinner. Not only are these nice things to do, but being a part of a strong community makes your home safer and in turn your presence makes the community stronger and safer as well. If you’re going away for a vacation, having a strong bond with your neighbors allows you to simply ask them to take your mail and watch over your home. Interpersonal relationships can go a long way to securitizing your community and in turn your home.

These ideas are there for you to possibly explore to help ensure the security of your home.

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5 Travelling Storage Tips

Summer is synonymous with vacations. Taking a week or two off from work is the perfect way to get the most out of your summer. When travelling, there are a few storage tips to ensure your belongings are safe, secure, and you can bring the most items with you to your destination. Here are 5 tips to make all of this come true.

Taking Care of Home

Travelling isn’t just about what you bring with you, but also what you leave behind. Making sure all of your possessions are safe and sound is a very important part of vacationing with a sound mind. Make sure you have someone trustworthy with a key to your house in case of any emergencies. If you have any valuables that you don’t feel comfortable leaving at home, you can either leave it with someone trustworthy or Take advantage of our safe and secure storage options. Letting your neighbors know that you will be gone for some time can also be helpful.

Money Belt           

Do you worry about theft when travelling? Especially when travelling internationally, losing your passport or money can be a horrific situation to find yourself in. Rather than keeping your valuables inside your pockets, a money belt can be a wise investment. Inaccessible to thieves and pickpockets, a money belt under your shirt is a safe and sound way to travel with valuables.

Pack Light

Airlines usually have a bag limit for travelling. Not only is this profitable for the airline, it should serve as a benchmark for how much you should pack. Unless you’re moving, if you’re going above the limit for weight and number of bags, you’ve packed way too much. It is important to balance needs with wants when packing. You probably need less clothing than you think, especially for a short vacation. Logistics and travelling becomes much easier the less items you have to bring with you.

Leave Space

Stuffing items into your bag is a recipe for disaster. When you’re on your travels, you are guaranteed to see clothing and souvenirs that you will want to buy for your friends and family. These are once in a lifetime purchases that you should have room for in your bags. Do not worry about whether or not you can fit them back at home, because worst case scenario our home storage options will ensure any memorabilia you have can fit into your home décor plans.

Avoid New Clothes

If you’re vacationing or just travelling, you don’t need to pack your newest and best clothes. Traveling is the perfect time to expand your wardrobe to more comfortable clothing that you usually don’t want to wear because of your appearance. The comfort/looks tradeoff leans heavily towards comfort when travelling.

Hopefully these travelling storage tips will make your next vacation the best one yet!

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5 Things to Bring to the Beach

With beach season upon us, knowing what to bring can make or break your beach day. While there are obvious items to bring to the beach, there are some things that you may not remember. Here are 5 things to bring to the beach that you may not remember.


Relaxing at the beach is one of the main goals while you’re there. And how better to relax than with some tunes? Well, if you forget your radio or a stereo to sync your phone with, how are you going to play your tunes!? Investing in a decently sized waterproof stereo for the beach. If you don’t have any use for it throughout the colder months, simply store the stereo until it’s beach season again!

Change of Clothes

Most people go to the beach already in their bathing suits. It makes sense, you go there and you’re already ready to take a dip! However, once you go into the water you’re just sitting in your wet bathing suit. Especially if you plan on lounging around until the sunset, staying in your wet bathing suit can be very uncomfortable. Bringing a pair of clothes to change into after you’ve been into the water can help out with this.


Lounging around is nice, but lounging around can get boring if you have absolutely no form of entertainment with you. A quick solution to this is reading! This isn’t your high school english class, but a nice book or magazine can really help you relax. Reading is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in human history, why not add it to your beach day agenda?


The beach is all about bringing a towel and laying down on it — or so you thought. While laying down is nice and relaxing, after a few hours and a nap or two, you might want to sit up. If you have a book or magazine, sitting up and reading is probably the more comfortable way to read. A beach chair can be a nice item to bring to really take your beach day to the next level of enjoyment. Of all the items listed so far, these are by far to largest and hardest to store. However, again, when you’re not going to the beach, simply store it and drive-up and pick it up when you’re going to the beach with our 24/7 access options.


Lastly, here’s another bulky item that can help keep a long beach day going. Going to beach is largely about soaking in the sun and all of the vitamin D that comes with its rays. However, staying in the sun for long hours might get hot and uncomfortable. That’s why have an option for shade can be useful. The shade from the umbrella can also be used to keep any snacks/electronics/beverages cool.

With these 5 items your beach day can be improved dramatically!

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A Rocking Place Storage

You bought a beat-up six string – in a secondhand store. You didn’t know hot to play it – but you knew for sure. You started rocking – ain’t never gonna stop. Keep on rocking – someday gonna make it to the top.

And be a storage expert? Not this time! For you are destined to be a jukebox hero! While music and storage units understandably don’t tend to go together like bread and butter, A Space Place Storage is here for all of your rocking needs. In case that isn’t clear, let’s clarify once and for all. A Space Place Storage welcomes bands to use storage units as practicing facilities. Yes, really.

Bigger Than You Think

Whether you are crammed into a basement or have no practicing space at all, A Space Place Storage provides units that will seem like an absolute luxury. With units that run as big as 10′ x 30′ and 20′ x 25′, some of our Melville and Centereach units are bigger than many basements and garage areas. And with a few tweaks with hanging up some foam, you can make the facility fairly acoustically-pleasing for even some recording sessions. Whether you are practicing as a duo or a full band, there is sure to be enough room for all of your members to let loose.

Electric Hook-Ups

Sure, a sentimental love ballad on your grandfather’s acoustic guitar sounds lovely, but sometimes you just need to play a power chord or bang that snare. With electrical hook-ups available, you can turn your storage unit into a certifiable practice room able to accommodate a wide variety of instruments and setups. By merely running extension cords into your unit, you can have power for your instruments and amps, allowing you to conduct full practices. So line up those electric guitarists and even the keyboardists, because it’s time to unleash your soul through the power of music.

24/7 Access

If you were slightly apprehensive about the prospect of not being able to access your practice area, know that A Space Place Storage offers 24/7 access through a secure gated entrance. Not only will your instruments and equipment be safe, but you’ll have direct access to everything at all hours of the day and night. And depending on the size of your band, a storage unit can be split multiple ways and come out to far, far less than renting a monthly space to practice. Split four ways, even the largest unit comes out to less than $4 a day. Cut out the french fries or side salad on that combo meal and you’ve got yourself a practicing facility.

With an assortment of sizes, flexible pricing, and electricity, the only thing standing in your way of becoming a rock legend…is you. We see those stars in your eyes. Rock on, jukebox hero. Rock on.

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