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5 Travelling Storage Tips

Summer is synonymous with vacations. Taking a week or two off from work is the perfect way to get the most out of your summer. When travelling, there are a few storage tips to ensure your belongings are safe, secure, and you can bring the most items with you to your destination. Here are 5 tips to make all of this come true.

Taking Care of Home

Travelling isn’t just about what you bring with you, but also what you leave behind. Making sure all of your possessions are safe and sound is a very important part of vacationing with a sound mind. Make sure you have someone trustworthy with a key to your house in case of any emergencies. If you have any valuables that you don’t feel comfortable leaving at home, you can either leave it with someone trustworthy or Take advantage of our safe and secure storage options. Letting your neighbors know that you will be gone for some time can also be helpful.

Money Belt           

Do you worry about theft when travelling? Especially when travelling internationally, losing your passport or money can be a horrific situation to find yourself in. Rather than keeping your valuables inside your pockets, a money belt can be a wise investment. Inaccessible to thieves and pickpockets, a money belt under your shirt is a safe and sound way to travel with valuables.

Pack Light

Airlines usually have a bag limit for travelling. Not only is this profitable for the airline, it should serve as a benchmark for how much you should pack. Unless you’re moving, if you’re going above the limit for weight and number of bags, you’ve packed way too much. It is important to balance needs with wants when packing. You probably need less clothing than you think, especially for a short vacation. Logistics and travelling becomes much easier the less items you have to bring with you.

Leave Space

Stuffing items into your bag is a recipe for disaster. When you’re on your travels, you are guaranteed to see clothing and souvenirs that you will want to buy for your friends and family. These are once in a lifetime purchases that you should have room for in your bags. Do not worry about whether or not you can fit them back at home, because worst case scenario our home storage options will ensure any memorabilia you have can fit into your home décor plans.

Avoid New Clothes

If you’re vacationing or just travelling, you don’t need to pack your newest and best clothes. Traveling is the perfect time to expand your wardrobe to more comfortable clothing that you usually don’t want to wear because of your appearance. The comfort/looks tradeoff leans heavily towards comfort when travelling.

Hopefully these travelling storage tips will make your next vacation the best one yet!

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Image by Adam Ciesielski, via Free Images.