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Maximizing Garage Storage Potential

Whether you have a garage big enough to barely fit a Mini Cooper or a space big enough for Jay Leno’s car fleet, it is important to see your garage for exactly what it is. Sure, it generally becomes the place to store massive quantities of items that you don’t want littered around your home, but to merely see it as a storage unit is to reject the storage and design possibilities it holds. After all, if you want a storage solution that is separate from your home, A Space Place Storage is the prime candidate for the role!

So without further ado, here are some simple ways that you can maximize storage capacity in your garage while doing it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing!

Aim For The Stars….Or The Rafters

Not all of your storage needs to be easily-accessible at all times. For seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, and miscellaneous other objects, it can be beneficial to keep them out of sight for the months when they are not needed. Thus, think about either using the rafters that already exist in your garage or adding ones for the sole purpose of storage. While you can certainly just lay items between the rafters, you may want to use lumber to create a solid platform or a couple of sections of platforms to store boxes and smaller items. These projects take very little carpentry skills and can take a massive chunk out of your garage’s clutter.

Don’t Bench The Workbench

Whether you have been unsuccessfully advocating for a workbench to your spouse for years or simply never thought of using one, A Space Place Storage is here to put full support behind these helpful garage additions! Not only will you have an area where you can tinker with various things and have some space for messy projects, but the amount of storage that can be gained is essential to keeping your home clean. Objects like screws and nails can be kept safely away from children and animals while your tools will be kept all together for immediate usage. So whether you are a regular handyman or have two left hands, a workbench can provide a welcome amount of storage and organization to your garage.

Peg “Pegboard” As Important

Though certainly a simple solution that doesn’t require much effort, installing a pegboard on a wall or section of your garage can instantly improve the look and organizational capabilities of the space. Sold at virtually every hardware store, pegboard can be sized to fit the exact specifications that you need and can be easily attached to any wall. With a combination of hooks and various pins, the storage possibilities are nearly endless, allowing for instant access to tools, equipment, and anything else you could possibly be looking to store. Additionally, pegboard is fully customizable and can be changed as necessary, so you will never be in a position where you are unable to appropriate additional space or move items around.

Have any garage storage ideas of your own or already have a garage that is already neat and tidy? Share your thoughts and pictures below!

Revamping Your Garage

When the summer rolls around, the excuse is always, “Well, I’ll definitely clean everything up once I am done using the lawn equipment for the season.” When the winter comes roaring in, the statement changes slightly to, “Ah, I’ll clean everything up once the snow melts.”

But that grand cleanup that you keep planning simply never comes. No matter what season it is or what obstacle gets thrown into its path, it’s a plan that never gets done. Alas, we are speaking about the dreaded garage. The problem with a garage is that, typically, it is receives more traffic than the basement and attic. As a result? Things quickly pile up and messes are only added to. Ready to put your foot down and reclaim the jungle that is your garage as your own?

Install Rafters

Whether or not your garage has come pre-equipped with rafters, not only is the elevated storage incredibly useful, but the process of putting it to use is simple and effective. Storage in the rafters is ideal for seasonal items like decorations and light tools, since their limited uses ensure that they will be taking up prime floor real estate elsewhere in the garage. Rafters are also great for longer and larger items, such as carpeting and light furniture. With a mild adjustment in the form of large wooden boards, rafters can also accommodate a wide variety of items thanks to a solid surface akin to a loft. With boards properly secured to the rafters, you will be able to store a large amount of tubs and other boxes to free up space.

Consider A Workbench

Both experts in DIY and individuals who can barely hold a hammer will certainly find various uses for a workbench. Though they don’t take up a particularly significant amount of space, the various drawers and cabinets that they provide are ideal for smaller items, tools, and other household accessories. Plus, it’s always great to have a little indoor area for home projects that you don’t need to worry about spills. From repairing glasses to tinkering with a television remote, a workbench provides terrific, condensed storage.

Think About Your Car

Would you want to spend all of winter’s coldest nights and summer’s scorching afternoons out in the elements? Well, neither does your car! Though your car may not have cognitive functions or actual intelligence (unless you’re driving KITT from Knight Rider), if it could talk, it would certainly say that its engine and paint are not weather-proof. With the extra space that you make in your garage, you will be able to once again park your car in the safety of the enclosed structure. And, perhaps most importantly for you, if your garage is connected to your home, this means no more icy walks to the door or tough struggles with armloads of groceries! And don’t forget, if your garage is packed to the brim with items, A Space Place Storage has units in a variety of sizes to help you store everything from small trinkets to spare cars!

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More Than a Storage Unit

Have you ever thought about hosting a dinner party in your storage unit? When you picture traditional storage units this idea may seem a bit crazy, but new trends in self-storage are making this idea a reality across the country.

A recent Wall Street Journal article by Candace Jackson highlights new trends in self-storage. Upscale storage involves more than providing a safe environment for a client’s possessions; it also involves offering a comforting atmosphere for clients to spend time with their possessions. Thus, as mentioned in the article, storage units that contain indoor basketball courts, gourmet kitchens, and lounges for socializing are born. As high-end real estate in urban center boomed, their purchasers became in need of storage spaces for their possessions that couldn’t fit into smaller urban houses. This urbanization of the affluent prompted the creation of luxury self-storage units that catered to customer’s desires to provide a venue where they can take in their possessions just as if they were home.

Is this a just a case of affluent individuals creating a whole new type of luxury storage facility, or is this a significant trend in self-storage? Well, let’s analyze the core concept of these luxury storage units, which are developed “so owners can relax and entertain guests while hanging with their stuff” Candace Jackson, Wall Street JournalDoes this necessarily mean that the storage facilities have to cater to clients who happen to own multiple luxury cars and other high priced amenities? Or is the concept as simple as making storage facilities a place where individuals can spend time with their stuff in an inviting atmosphere? These are questions where we’d love to hear some customer feedback and what sort of customizations we could provide. While we offer storage options that take care of your possessions and offer storage solutions that can make life easier for you, this new idea for storage units can have a place at A Space Place.

The WSJ article mostly deals with 1,000+ square foot storage spaces for prices upwards of $100,000. But these are not necessary parameters for a storage facility to encourage clients to spend time with their possessions. Let’s say, for example, you have a hobby car you keep in storage. You’d like to work on it and occasionally have friends over to hang out with your hobby car. While you don’t have a large space that houses 5-6 extremely expensive cars, you still have just reason for there to be amenities to practice your hobby at A Space Place. We’d love to hear what sort of amenities you’d like to see put in place so you can spend an afternoon at your storage facility with your possessions, whether they are old antiques you’d like to show someone, or hobby items that you simply just don’t keep in the house. As some of the storage unit owners mentioned in the article do, customization of storage units is a way for you to make your storage unit more an extension of your home rather than an industrial box you keep some stuff in.

The WSJ article by Candace Jackson sheds light upon a new market for luxury storage units. The sentiment behind this high-end products can be seen as a new frontier for self-storage facilities, as we look to make storage units that are more than just that.

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What Would You Do With An Extra Room?

An entire extra room that is completely free of your possessions. A perfectly empty space that is calling out to your inner creativity that is simply waiting for its chance to shine. A blank slate yearning for a housing Picasso to transform it into a desirable area.

Regardless of the size of your home or apartment, having an extra space is not a far-fetched fantasy. Okay, if you’re living in a studio this may not apply to you, but I would like to shout out to all of the space dreamers. Fill up the car with the items in one of your rooms and place them in a safe and secure unit at A Space Place Storage. You have a dream to fulfill.

And if you don’t have a dream in mind, allow us to provide you with some dreams:

Home Library

With four walls covered in new and vintage books, a literature cocoon is well within your grasp. Grab some mass-produced bookshelves, a couple of comfy chairs, and a cheap rolling ladder, and you have yourself an incredibly inexpensive home library that will foster years of new adventures and experiences.

Entertainment Room

From cinematic journeys to the adrenaline-pumping action of sports, an entertainment room provides you with an area to claim as your own after a long day at the office. Kick back in a recliner, grab a cold one from your mini fridge, and watch whatever you please on your home projector.

Billiards Room

While this option certainly isn’t recommended if you are Mr. Costanza, a billiards room can be a fantastic addition to any home. Whether you are a pool shark or simply an aspiring novice, a billiards table is both an attractive furniture piece and the source of one of the most classic sources of recreation.

Personal Aquarium

From saltwater fish to snakes, a room lined with aquarium tanks might be an animal lover’s fantasy, but it really is just one step away from reality. Reptiles and fish can be inexpensive pets that are relatively low-maintenance and are absolutely phenomenal additions to any home. If you have ever spent a rainy afternoon wandering around an aquarium, think about how incredible it would be to capture that feeling of unrivaled serenity in your own personal space.

Home Gym

It doesn’t have to be New Year’s to make a new commitment to working out and getting in shape. With room for a weightlifting bench, treadmill, stationary bicycle, or even a step mill, you can avoid those gym fees while simultaneously being able to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Sports Car

Whether you have your sights set on an old jalopy or a Lamborghini Aventador, an empty garage could give you the ability to realize your vision and jump into the driver’s seat of an incredible machine.

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Preparing for Winter Weather

These few weeks of winter have brought us wild weather. However, we can expect this to be short lived as we still have nearly two months of winter to cope with. That is why our current lack of winter weather offers a perfect time to ensure you are ready for when winter weather hits.

Emergency Preparedness 

While winter storms are more common than a hurricane, they are still an extreme weather scenario and deserve to be treated as such. Preparing for a worst case scenario such as the electricity going out or being stuck inside for a couple of days is key. Preparing for the cold weather with extra blankets and cold weather clothing is very important. Having non-perishable food items to last at least a few days as well as extra water is a good way to make sure you do not run out of food in case you are trapped inside from a snowstorm. Flashlights, batteries, a battery powered clock, and maybe even a generator are simple ways to prepare for a power outage. Making sure your house is organized and has enough room for these items is important, and using our storage options to help remove clutter would go a long way.


The most consistent aspect of a snowstorm is the clean up you have to do afterwards. Having a shovel or snow blower is the bread and butter of snow removal, and it is important to use them right after a storm. If you cannot use a shovel or find it to be too physically demanding, a snowblower could be a wise investment that saves you money in the long term instead of having the neighborhood kids shovel. Having some salt or other de-icing compound for your walkway can potentially save you from physical harm as ice related accidents are very frequent and dangerous around these times. The aforementioned need for space is relevant here as well, as you do not want to be sifting through mounds of clutter in the cold just to clear your driveway. Now is a good time to remove your home of clutter.


The absolute worst situations in bad winter weather involve your car. Whether it’s getting stuck in a snowstorm or vehicle malfunction, you want to make sure your car is prepared for winter weather. First, some winter maintenance is necessary. Checking your antifreeze and car batteries can avoid some sticky situations, and fluctuating temperatures can mean that your tire pressure is not properly adjusted. Having items in the car for an emergency can go a long way as well.  An ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, and first aid kit can help in an emergency.

We may have avoided winter weather so far this year, but being prepared for the worst is important with two more months of winter to go.

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Storing Your Car For The Winter Months

As the air begins to chill and the first frost of the season coats neighborhood lawns and city sidewalks, it is time to turn our attention once again to the winter months ahead. While children may be overjoyed by the first snow and the below-freezing temperatures, as adults, we are all fully aware of the trials and tribulations that a bad winter has on all aspects of our lives. From commuting to protecting our homes from snow damage, winter poses a plethora of issues that must be properly addressed to avoid headaches in the future. But one aspect of winter that does not get nearly enough attention is car storage and what to do to with automobiles to ensure protection from the elements. Keep reading to find out if any of the following situations apply to you or your loved ones!

Sunday Car

Whether you own a ’57 Chevy or a 2015 Dodge Viper SRT, the reality of a storing a second car becomes far more complicated during the winter months if you lack the garage storage needed. Even if you have a one-car garage, you may want to empty it out so that you can store the car you use on a daily basis away from the cold and snow. In a situation like this, leaving the car parked in the driveway is a bad proposition all around due to paint damage and the toll that freezing temperatures will take on the inner mechanics. A Space Place Storage offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate not only automobiles of all sizes, but also large enough to fit a workbench and tools as well. You may think about keeping the unit through the spring and summer!

Off To College

If your child has a car but has traveled out-of-state for school, the car may very well just be sitting on the street or taking up room in the driveway. Not only is this bad for the car, but the keeping a car on the street during a snowstorm can lead to improper plowing by city workers. Not only will a storage unit allow you to store your child’s car through months of non-usage, but you can also think about taking off the plates and saving some money on insurance.

The Old Relic

Sometimes, you just can’t let go. Other times, there is a seemingly-endless list of reasons why an old jalopy remains in your possession. But for whatever the reason why you may have an unused car on your property is, you are absolutely aware of the high cost of paying insurance and keeping the car safe from unnecessary damage. While a storage unit will cost you a bit each month, the savings that can be acquired thanks to removing insurance and registration from the vehicle. In addition, the ability to have space back in your driveway or property will be a reward of its own kind.

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Preparing For a Vacation

Taking a vacation is a perfect way to reduce stress. Using the time to avoid responsibilities and indulge in your favorite past times is an essential part of being human. With the weather getting colder, many of you may be looking into taking some vacations either during the Thanksgiving or Christmas periods. However, before you go there are important preparations you must make in your home. With proper preparation you can go into your vacation stress free knowing that everything will be alright.

Electric & Plumbing

Before you go it is important to prepare your electric and plumbing settings. You do not want to come home to a water or electric bill for utilities you did not use. The first simple step is to unplug small appliances and electronic devices. There is no need to use electricity to keep an alarm clock on when you won’t be there to see. It may take a few seconds to reset the time later, but this is a risk you’ll have to take. You may also want to turn your water heater into vacation mode. Again, there is no need for hot water to be available in your home when nobody is there to use it. A slightly more drastic step to avoid any water misuse is turning of the valves for all your sink, dishwasher, and washing machine. This will prevent any circumstance in which a malfunction causes water from being used when it is not necessary. The final step is setting your thermostat to the bare minimum temperature to maintain the inside of your home. If you have furniture or items that will get damaged without proper conditions without you there to monitor, look into some of our climate controlled storage options. 

General Life Prep

It is important to prepare for the worst, and these general life tips will help you out. If you have a reliable neighbor, let them know you are going out of town. Give them emergency contact information in case something goes wrong. Another important preparation is making sure your smoke detectors work. Returning from a vacation to the smoldering embers of what was once your home is not a good time. Let your credit card company know you’re going out of town. They monitor your transactions in case of identity theft, and simply giving them a heads up will save you from a future headache. A more simplistic preparatory step is getting rid of food that will go rotten in your time gone. Either eat it now or throw it out before it becomes rotten and stinks up your kitchen/pantry.


If you have a home security system, don’t forget to arm it. Also, let your security company know that you will be away, so they may take the appropriate measures in the case of an emergency. If you do not have security services, it is important to take other precautionary measures. If you have important possessions that you are not comfortable leaving at home, you may want to look into our safe gated facilities and store them for your time away. To discourage potential burglars, it is important to make your home look as if someone is still living there. Either have your mail stopped for your time gone, or have your neighbors pick it up. Park your cars in a garage, and if you don’t have room you may look into our car storage options. You may also want to put at least one light on a timer to turn on at night to keep the illusion of you being home up.

Vacations can be great, but without proper preparation can cause even more stress.

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How to Prepare for Hurricanes

The Atlantic hurricane season comes and goes each year with the ever present possibility of a storm reaching us here in the tri-state region.  As we saw with Hurricane Sandy, the worst case scenarios for storm in our area can be frightening, and should be something to prepare for. Here are some general tips to help you prepare for an oncoming hurricane.

A Hurricane Kit

Having a basic emergency situation preparedness kit is not only a great idea for hurricane season, but can be a life-saver during winter snowstorms and other emergency weather situations. This is not a kit that you prepare the week of an impending hurricane, but should rather be something you always keep in your house in a place that is easily accessible for all of the residents. Included in the list of items you should consider for this kit are flashlights, duct tape, a battery powered clock, matches, duct tape, a battery powered radio, and batteries in all sizes for the appliances you may need. There are other items you may wish to include in your emergency kit, but these are the basics that should definitely have space reserved for them.

Home Preparation

It is important to prepare your house for an oncoming storm. Unlike the emergency kit, this preparation should be done in the days leading up to a storm, but should not be put off until the last minute. The most basic step to take is removing outdoor items that cannot withstand very high winds and can be damaged in the storm. You may want to put your nice car or other vehicles you keep outside into the garage. If your garage doesn’t have room for these vehicles, you may want to consider our vehicle storage options to get your through this season, especially if it’s a car you want to keep in mint condition. Other large outdoor items like swing sets and tables can also be stored in our storage units for the winter, if you do not want these items taking up space in your shed or garage. Other home preparedness ideas are trimming dead branches from trees near your home, moving furniture away from windows, filling up your gas tank, withdrawing extra cash, and storing important documents in waterproof containers.

Food, Water, and Health

The last major category involves having all of your human necessities to get you through the storm. It is important to get your health concerns ready in case of the worst case scenario, including having a first aid kit in an accessible area, preferably as a part of your larger emergency kit. That again is a preparation tool that should be ready year round, but in the case of an oncoming storm, you should prepare another kit with all of your essential medications. Include all of your prescription medication, and medication you only need in emergencies. In this kit you should also include basic pain relievers and hygiene products to get you through the storm. Food and water are also important measures to sort out before the last minute, as you do not want to get stuck on line in a crowded store as people attempt  to purchase these last minute. It is important to have a supply of non-perishable food items that can last 3-7 days, as well as stored water that can do the same. Limiting the amount of perishable food items in your refrigerator as the storm approaches is important in case of a loss of power. Coolers can be very useful if this does happen though.

While an oncoming storm may be a cause for concern, proper preparedness can make the situation much easier and safer for you and your family.

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Transforming Your Storage Unit Into A Garage

Typically when a storage unit is brought up in a conversation or article, the benefits of storing small and personal items dominate the topic. While units are absolutely excellent for these items, especially the climate-controlled units offered at A Space Place Storage, it seems ironic that the biggest items are always the ones that are left out. How big? No, we’re not talking about furniture here…the correct answer is automobiles! Perhaps cars are often left out of the storage equation because of a preconceived notion that the size of the average unit does not even come close to being large enough. That may very well be true for most storage facilities, but A Space Place Storage is certainly not ordinary!

Here at ASPS, we challenge you to put aside all that you have heard and begin looking at our largest units as being far more versatile than you might have imagined. With unit sizes that run 10′ x 30′ and 20′ x 25′, there is absolutely enough room for car storage. Whether you drive a Toyota Prius or a Lamborghini Diablo, the space you need is available in a facility that is dedicated to quality and security. Car storage can be invaluable to a wide variety of audiences, and can be an especially important factor for individuals that lack garages of their own. Perhaps your child has gone off to college and left their car behind. If there is no room left in the driveway, you may want to consider storing it in a unit during the school year. Not only will you be able to keep it off the street, but it will be covered and protected against the elements, helping to prevent rust and other weather-associated damages.

Maybe you already have a car or two in the family and have room in the garage for both. But as car enthusiasts are fully aware, the idea of owning one mere car is almost impossible to think about. With a storage unit for an additional vehicle, you are finally able to get that dream car you have always had your eye on, but were continually limited by your storage situation. Similarly, if the car is only going to be used for weekend drives, storage outside of your property can be incredibly useful. With ASPS, a pin-entry gate allows for 24/7 access, so you can drop off and pick up your car at whatever time is most convenient.

As a final note, just because your car is in the unit doesn’t mean that there will be absolutely no room left. With an average sized car, you can easily fit a workbench and tools in the unit as well, allowing for an ideal way to work on a fixer-upper or perform standard maintenance procedures. Work on a car, motorcycle, dirt bike, quad, or almost anything on wheels within the confines of a safe, quiet environment. Don’t let the little challenges in life prevent you from pursuing your dreams and living your life to the fullest. We’re here to ensure that you never have to worry about storage again and instead focus on the more important things in life.


Have any unique ideas for maximizing storage in your car? We want to hear from you! Share your ideas by leaving a comment below! And don’t forget, A Space Place Storage is THE place to store your motorcycle or car!

Properly Storing Summer Vehicles

As the summertime draws to a close, it may be time for some seasonal changes. We’re not only talking about the change in the color of the leaves and the temperature, but also in your everyday life, such as the vehicles you use. While driving a convertible or boating may be a very enjoyable experience, using them in the winter is something we wouldn’t recommend you try. Here are some tips to ensure that you properly store your summer vehicles.


The end of convertible season, just like the hood of the car, is slowly creeping upon us. However, do not fear, as next year will still come around, and you’d like for your sweet ride to be ready! First, clean your car. While it may seem illogical to clean a car you won’t see for months, the phrase out of sight out of mind will burn you in the end. If you leave your car with stains they will multiply in effect while you store the car and will be harder to clean next summer. The same principle is true for the smell and tidiness of the inside of the car, as you do not want anything fermenting inside your car. Next you should change the oil, as the oil may have contaminants that can damage the engine. Another counterintuitive task to accomplish is filling up your oil tank before putting the car away. This will ensure moisture does not accumulate inside the fuel tank and will keep the seals from drying out. Refraining from using the parking brake is also another insider tip, as leaving the parking brake for too long of time can infuse your brake with the rotors, or quite simply, cause internal damage to the car itself. Now, when it comes to finally storing the car, make sure you keep it covered as the elements can take a toll on the exterior of your car. Preferable options are in a garage, or taking advantage of our car storage options!


Boat storage can be a particular pain as boats can take up a lot of space, and typically won’t fit into your garage. It is important to shield the boat from the elements when not in usage, and the aforementioned steps to tidy up the vehicle and perform maintenance checks beforehand are in effect for this as well. The first and most common storage option is on a trailer, and usually ends up in your yard taking up a lot of space. If you find a boat in your yard as an eyesore, other options include a boatyard or a marina. A boatyard will rack up your boat and keep it safe for the winter, and is traditionally the cheaper option. A marina is a nautical country club, with costlier prices but overall better treatment of you boat as it will be kept in the water and under watchful eye, but this is usually for larger boats and yachts.

Canoes & Kayaks

While these may stretch the definition of summer vehicles, your canoes and kayaks are something you’ll probably look to store for the winter. Requiring less maintenance than the motorized boats and cars, it is still important to ensure that your canoe or kayak is clean before putting it away. Also simply throwing them in the yard especially without any covering open it to damage from good ol’ mother nature. The best option, just like for a summertime car, is a covered location such as a garage. Here, however, lies a huge concern, as canoes and kayaks can take  an absurd amount of space in your garage. If you find this to be the case, we strongly suggest considering our storage unit options to keep your canoes and kayaks safe for the winter!

While storing summertime vehicles may be a sad time of the year, it is important to properly store them so they are good to go next year. These tips will help ensure you take the proper precautionary measures and find your boats, cars, canoes, and/or kayaks a safe place to hibernate for the winter.

If you have anything to add to our tips, comment here or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus and communicate with us there!

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