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Organizing Your Home Office

A home office. The place where you go to get as much work done as possible– you complete the tasks that have to get done. Yet it can easily become disheveled and cramped if you don’t keep it organized.  Here are some organization tricks for your home office.

Mail & Magazine Rack

This is the first step to reduce massive amounts of potential clutter on your desk. You can organize any mail or magazines you have, and keep them from piling onto your desk. A nice rack should be relatively easy and cheap to get set up, and will give your office an much more professional vibe.


This may be a very direct plug, but A Space Place has various office storage solution options for you! If you have old documents or other materials for your home business, why not put them into a safe space away from home? This will free up your work area and increase your productive potential. Our climate controlled storage will ensure that your important documents are kept pristine, and our key-card only access area will ensure that they remain safe!

Wall Shelves 

Another way to remove any potential clutter on your desk. You can put office decorations on your wall shelves rather than just your desk. Have any books or journals you usually just pile on your desk? Well, now you can look more professional and keep them on your wall shelf. A well shelf will open up a new avenue for your interior design potential in your office, and can fill up any blank spaces on your wall.


It can be tempting to simply pile all the utensils and documents in your  office on your desk, and maybe even the ground. But a simple drawer can be a game changer. A drawer gives you access to a lot of storage space. Use the drawer for documents and files, or office supplies like a stapler and scissors. This can especially come in handy if your desk doesn’t have drawers built into it.

Storage Basket

Too many wires floating around in your office? A storage basket can be a nice storage solution. Place it by the outlet on the wall where you are plugging in the majority of your electronic devices. Now you have a basket to put all of the wires or cords in, and keep them untangled and more organized than they were beforehand.

These are some simple ways to make your home office look more professional, just by freeing up space and organizing.

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More Than a Storage Unit

Have you ever thought about hosting a dinner party in your storage unit? When you picture traditional storage units this idea may seem a bit crazy, but new trends in self-storage are making this idea a reality across the country.

A recent Wall Street Journal article by Candace Jackson highlights new trends in self-storage. Upscale storage involves more than providing a safe environment for a client’s possessions; it also involves offering a comforting atmosphere for clients to spend time with their possessions. Thus, as mentioned in the article, storage units that contain indoor basketball courts, gourmet kitchens, and lounges for socializing are born. As high-end real estate in urban center boomed, their purchasers became in need of storage spaces for their possessions that couldn’t fit into smaller urban houses. This urbanization of the affluent prompted the creation of luxury self-storage units that catered to customer’s desires to provide a venue where they can take in their possessions just as if they were home.

Is this a just a case of affluent individuals creating a whole new type of luxury storage facility, or is this a significant trend in self-storage? Well, let’s analyze the core concept of these luxury storage units, which are developed “so owners can relax and entertain guests while hanging with their stuff” Candace Jackson, Wall Street JournalDoes this necessarily mean that the storage facilities have to cater to clients who happen to own multiple luxury cars and other high priced amenities? Or is the concept as simple as making storage facilities a place where individuals can spend time with their stuff in an inviting atmosphere? These are questions where we’d love to hear some customer feedback and what sort of customizations we could provide. While we offer storage options that take care of your possessions and offer storage solutions that can make life easier for you, this new idea for storage units can have a place at A Space Place.

The WSJ article mostly deals with 1,000+ square foot storage spaces for prices upwards of $100,000. But these are not necessary parameters for a storage facility to encourage clients to spend time with their possessions. Let’s say, for example, you have a hobby car you keep in storage. You’d like to work on it and occasionally have friends over to hang out with your hobby car. While you don’t have a large space that houses 5-6 extremely expensive cars, you still have just reason for there to be amenities to practice your hobby at A Space Place. We’d love to hear what sort of amenities you’d like to see put in place so you can spend an afternoon at your storage facility with your possessions, whether they are old antiques you’d like to show someone, or hobby items that you simply just don’t keep in the house. As some of the storage unit owners mentioned in the article do, customization of storage units is a way for you to make your storage unit more an extension of your home rather than an industrial box you keep some stuff in.

The WSJ article by Candace Jackson sheds light upon a new market for luxury storage units. The sentiment behind this high-end products can be seen as a new frontier for self-storage facilities, as we look to make storage units that are more than just that.

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Storage Box Vs. Storage Unit

Two challengers. One ring. No surrender!

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but when choosing between an outdoor storage box and a storage unit, you may have quite the debate raging inside your head. For the sake of this comparison, an outdoor storage box will be used to describe all outdoor storage units, from smaller deck boxes and portable sheds to full, driveway-sized storage crates. Though we are certainly going to approach this from a fair standpoint, we must admit, we are rather privy to storage units. Why? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

The Eyesore Dilemma

You may have a deck box with some creative flair added to it, but the fact of the matter is that you have a gigantic crate on your property. And if you have a storage crate in your driveway? I don’t think we need to go into the negatives about that. With a storage unit, however, all of your items are kept off of your property, allowing you to keep your property looking great. Your driveway will be free of metal behemoths that look like they are straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey and your deck won’t be cluttered. You worked hard for your home. Enjoy every inch of it.

The Upgrade Dilemma

You have purchased a storage box and have it perfectly packed up. Beautiful! But wait, you have a few new items now that won’t fit. Do you buy another box and start a vicious cycle of littering your property with more storage boxes until you have a breakdown? No. Instead of packing your items into more storage boxes, pack it into your car and bring it over to A Space Place Storage. With units in a wide variety of sizes, not only will you be able to pick the size that is right for you, but you’ll be able to upgrade at any time in case you need more room. It might seem too simple, but rest assured, it’s true.

The Temperature Dilemma

For items that can’t be stored outdoors in frigid winters of scorching summers, unregulated storage boxes aren’t of very much good. Sure, most cases will be waterproof, but if the unit is made of metal, the contents can be literally melted during hotter months. While most storage units admittedly wouldn’t provide much assistance in this department, A Space Place Storage is a cut above the average with a full line of temperature-regulated units. In these indoor units, your cherished heirlooms and temperature-sensitive items will remain safe and secure, 24/7/365. Not only are the units air conditioned and heated, but they remain safe behind locked doors and access points that provide maximum security.

While a storage box certainly has its uses for small outdoor items, there is simply no comparison between a small box and the amenities provided by a facility. With affordable pricing and flexible selection processes, A Space Place Storage is happy to provide assistance for all of your storage needs.

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Holiday Decoration Storage

With less than a week until Christmas, most families have already put out their holiday decorations. Ranging from a simple artificial tree to spectacular front yard decorations featuring multiple lights and decorative pieces, holiday decorations are a seasonal feature that can take up a lot of space. Before it is too late, now is a good time to start thinking about how to properly store your holiday decorations.

Location Location Location! 

Sticking all of your holiday decoration in your attic or garage can be tempting. If you have the room, why not? However, space in your own garage or attic is extremely useful. Why waste it on items you only need for one month a year? Having a garage occupied by an artificial tree and plastic decorations is very inconvenient when you actually need that space for items that are more frequently used. Not to mention that the inclimate conditions in your attic or garage may not be very helpful for the longevity of your decorations such as ornaments and holiday candles. Our climate controlled storage options are the perfect way to keep your decorations safe and sound throughout the year, allowing you to use them only when needed. Other than that, they are out of sight and out of mind.


Stuffing all of your decorations into identical boxes is a guaranteed way to anger your future self. By organizing your items in a way that will make them easy to unpack in the future, you will truly be ready to redecorate next year. Clear container are a quick way to be able to see what’s inside a box and know what decorations are in which box. It is also extremely helpful if your label your boxes with the items that are in them. This makes for easy organization and can help you properly store items based on the contents of the box. A major key to successfully avoid tangled wires and lights for next year is to wrap them around a spool when you’re storing them. This will ensure that you don’t spend too much untangling wires next year.


A very important thing to keep in mind when storing decorations is to make sure that they don’t break. Ornaments and plastic decorations are especially susceptible to breaking when they are stored improperly. Using dividers in your storage boxes for ornaments is a good way to compartmentalize them and keep them from moving or breaking when you store them. You may also want to use bubble wrap for your other items to keep them from moving or breaking. If you know your decorations are stored in a place where someone can hit into them, use that as another reason to consider our safe and secure storage options.

It’s never too early to prepare to properly store items. When you’re looking to store your holiday decorations, proper organization and space consciousness can go a long way.

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Storing Important Documents

We all have important documents that need to be kept throughout our lives. Whether they are government documents, financial documents, or legal papers, these are irreplaceable items that need to be treated as such. Not only is it necessary to keep them safe, but proper organization can do this without compromising too much space in your home. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look to organize your important documents.

Do you still need it? 

If you have a pile of papers that has been growing for years, chances are some of those papers are outdated. Certain contracts or receipts may not have any importance anymore. The first step in storing important documents is making sure the documents are important. This doesn’t mean get rid of all old documents, but the ones that you deem as unnecessary and can never see a situation in which you need them. But before you make any impulse decisions triple check if a document is not important anymore, and if you are uncertain it’s better to be safe than sorry.


This is an important step people often overlook. While it’s a good start to have all of your important documents in one place, if they are not properly organized they may be hard to find when you do need them. Separating and filing documents by specifically what they are (ex. a taxes folder, a mortgage folder, and bank statement folder) will make your documents easy to access. Manila folders are a great way to organize papers. By then labeling these folders you can now find all of your important papers with relative ease.


Being a worrier is not always good, but with extremely irreplaceable papers it is important to be prepared for the absolute worst case scenario. A fireproof safe is a good step to ensure that your most vital documents are stored. Government documents like your passport and birth certificate would be among these documents that you would like to keep safe in case of an emergency. Another safety tip goes along with getting rid of old documents. Simply throwing them out is not enough, you must rip them up substantially in order to ensure that the information on the paper cannot be recovered by any other person. It is also important to note that paper products need to be kept in a cool and dry environment to keep them from being damaged. If you do not have such a space in your home you can look into our climate controlled storage options.


Some people have more paperwork than others, and if your home office is beginning to feel like it’s being overrun by paper, it’s time to get organized. A filing cabinet is a nice investment that allows for you to properly organize plenty of documents as well as maximize the space they take up. By taking your important documents that you don’t need on a day to day basis and putting them in your attic or garage you can save space. However, if you just don’t have the room for all of your important documents, we can help. Our document storage service offers filing and office based storage options that can cater to your needs.

Paperwork is not the most fun activity, but organizing your important documents is a necessary action. These simple steps can help you safeguard your important papers as well as maximize the space they take up.

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How to Find the Storage Unit That’s Right for You

units-1000x288 (1)

If you’re ready to start looking for a storage unit look no further.  Here at A Space Place Storage we know how important your stuff is to you.  That’s why we put together a checklist of what to look for when shopping for self-storage.

First ask yourself, what type of storage unit do you need? 

Storage units range in size so you have options.  A good way to determine what will be a good fit for you is to decide what you plan to put in storage.  After you have a general idea of the space you need, visit some storage units to get a visual understanding of what you can fit.  Beware though.  Before you sign that dotted line make sure you’re not getting a unit that will only fit your items.  I suggest you get the next size up from what you think you need so you have room to walk around.  There’s nothing worse than packing your storage unit to capacity and having to clear everything out to reach something all the way in the back.

A few additional important things to ask yourself are, do you have anything that requires climate control?  Are you storing valuables?  If so then you want to look for a storage unit that has good security and monitoring as well as insurance.  Check if your homeowners insurance covers items in a storage unit or discuss insurance options with the storage facility.

Do your homework

You’re building a long term relationship with these people.  Think of them as your landlords.  You wouldn’t want a disrespectful landlord entering your apartment without permission, the same goes for your storage unit.  Make sure you read the reviews of each storage place to make sure you’re renting from a reputable company.  There’s nothing worse than a bad landlord, believe me I know.

Remember location isn’t everything

Don’t get me wrong having a storage unit close to home is convenient but don’t let location be your deciding factor.  I would rather drive an extra 10 minutes for a quality storage unit than settle for a less than mediocre one around the corner from my house.   Keep your options open and pick a few (5-10) storage facilities that you are interested in.

When you visit bring a list of questions

Before you sign the lease for your new storage unit be sure to ask the property manager any and all questions you may have.  Talking to the storage manager will give you the best impression of what you’re getting.  Ask about office hours and gate hours.  There’s a difference.  Here at A Space Place Storage you have access to your belongings 24/7 but not all storage facilities have that option.  If 24 hour access isn’t important to you, decide what hours work best with your schedule and compare them to other facilities.  Do you have to sign a long term contract or do you have the option of a month-to-month agreement that will let you out at any time? And of course ask about price.  See if they offer any discounts for the first month. Many offer first month’s rent free or for a $1 to make for a smooth transition.  If not don’t worry, the next one probably will.

Make the most out of your visit

Ask for a tour of the property and make sure to see the unit you would actually get.  You don’t want to see a beautiful ground floor unit but get stuck with a dirty basement unit when you get your keys.  Be assertive and make your concerns known.  A good storage place will treat you with respect and validate all of your needs and expectations before forcing you to sign any paperwork.  If you feel relaxed and comfortable chances are you’ve found your storage unit.

The final decision

Now that you’ve investigated and seen all your options it’s time to make a decision.  But before you sign anything, ask to take the contracts home with you so you can review them without feeling pressured.  Take your time and consider all your options.  What storage space is most convenient and best for your belongings and where did you feel the most comfortable?  If you can answer these questions with certainty you’re ready to sign that dotted line.



Working from Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you can get comfortable and be at home all day, on the other hand you can get too comfortable and be stuck at home all day. For people who don’t work from home it can be a jarring transition if you suddenly have to. It’s important to make a clear distinction between home and work to help your productivity and actually get work done. Here are some tips on the best way to make sure that work is work even when at home.

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