Celebrating Halloween With Home Decorations

When it comes to the spookiest holiday of the year, none can compare to the thrills and chills that are enjoyed on Halloween! From haunted houses to pitch-black corn mazes, plenty of destinations are set up each year to provide a true fright for those compelled by the dark and the macabre. The holiday doesn’t have to be terrifying beyond words, however, as there are plenty of ways to extend the fun to the little ones, regardless of age! Here are a few decorative ideas to help get your home prepared for the final day of October and to involve the kids in a fun activity.


Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the fall season is the pumpkin thanks to its large size and striking orange color. The fun in pumpkins isn’t limited to merely picking them at local farms, as once one is picked, it becomes a canvas to express your imagination. By utilizing a kitchen knife or other sharp tool, you can easily create a spooky jack-o’-lantern that is perfect for a bay window or front stoop. If you’re looking to extend the crafting activity to children, you can even just grab paint instead of tools and paint a face directly on the pumpkin’s exterior. You may decide to even drop the brush and have an enjoyable afternoon of finger painting!

Spooky Ghosts

In celebrating Halloween, it’s hard to ignore the chilling image that a ghost presents! While there are certainly endless amounts of pre-made ghost decorations that you can buy in a store, making a DIY project out of it is quite a bit more fun! Since the traditional look of a ghost is pretty vague in that it only has to be white or translucent, you are free to start with anything from sheets to garbage bags. With the exterior established, the shape can attained by utilizing a stuffing such as paper, cotton, or simply hanging it outside to sway in the breeze.

Spiders and Bats

Combining both the color black with creatures that lurk in the night, spiders and bats embody the spirit of Halloween better than any other animals. As such, utilizing their images for a bit of decorating fun is a great way to add a creepy touch to your home this holiday. The simplest and cheapest way is to create them out of construction paper, which is simple and safe enough for all ages to enjoy. Just create a stencil of the image that you want and make as many as you like. You may even decide to ramp things up with 3D paper models or accessories for the eyes.

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