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Celebrating Halloween With Home Decorations

When it comes to the spookiest holiday of the year, none can compare to the thrills and chills that are enjoyed on Halloween! From haunted houses to pitch-black corn mazes, plenty of destinations are set up each year to provide a true fright for those compelled by the dark and the macabre. The holiday doesn’t have to be terrifying beyond words, however, as there are plenty of ways to extend the fun to the little ones, regardless of age! Here are a few decorative ideas to help get your home prepared for the final day of October and to involve the kids in a fun activity.


Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the fall season is the pumpkin thanks to its large size and striking orange color. The fun in pumpkins isn’t limited to merely picking them at local farms, as once one is picked, it becomes a canvas to express your imagination. By utilizing a kitchen knife or other sharp tool, you can easily create a spooky jack-o’-lantern that is perfect for a bay window or front stoop. If you’re looking to extend the crafting activity to children, you can even just grab paint instead of tools and paint a face directly on the pumpkin’s exterior. You may decide to even drop the brush and have an enjoyable afternoon of finger painting!

Spooky Ghosts

In celebrating Halloween, it’s hard to ignore the chilling image that a ghost presents! While there are certainly endless amounts of pre-made ghost decorations that you can buy in a store, making a DIY project out of it is quite a bit more fun! Since the traditional look of a ghost is pretty vague in that it only has to be white or translucent, you are free to start with anything from sheets to garbage bags. With the exterior established, the shape can attained by utilizing a stuffing such as paper, cotton, or simply hanging it outside to sway in the breeze.

Spiders and Bats

Combining both the color black with creatures that lurk in the night, spiders and bats embody the spirit of Halloween better than any other animals. As such, utilizing their images for a bit of decorating fun is a great way to add a creepy touch to your home this holiday. The simplest and cheapest way is to create them out of construction paper, which is simple and safe enough for all ages to enjoy. Just create a stencil of the image that you want and make as many as you like. You may even decide to ramp things up with 3D paper models or accessories for the eyes.

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Planning A Memorable Backyard Party This Summer

The dog days of summer may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the heat ruin your outdoor fun. While many utilize August to head on road trips and tropical vacations, the prime place to relax may be right in your own backyard – literally! Not only does your backyard provide a peaceful setting for a summer afternoon or evening, but enjoying it won’t cost you a dime in travel fees. Since kicking back with friends and family is an ideal way to connect and enjoy the weather, we have compiled a few tips for hosting your own backyard party this season.

The Barbecue

When preparing to host your event, it’s beneficial to consider who will be attending. Will there be small children present? Stock up on Popsicles, kid-friendly beverages, and foods that all ages can enjoy. Will there be people who have specific dietary requirements or allergies? Considering these things prior to buying food may not only save you money when it comes to buying too much of certain items, but it will also be appreciated by your guests. When in doubt, simply ask!

The Entertainment

The interactions that you will be sharing with your guests will be the main attraction for the event, but adding a bit of flavor to the activities may provide the basis for lasting memories. Brainstorm a list of outdoor games and sports equipment that would work well in your yard. If you don’t have room for something like a volleyball net, think smaller with activities like water balloons and horseshoes. Plus, music can help set the tone in a crucial way, so either pump tunes from inside the house or use a portable radio or sound system for a pleasant atmosphere.

The Natural Setting

Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small enclosure, outdoor spaces of all sizes tend to become cluttered with items and structures. From decks and pools, to swing sets and sheds, the ability to enjoy your time outdoors can be quite difficult if you don’t feel a connection to nature. You may not be able to expand the land your backyard occupies, but you can certainly free up some space with A Space Place Storage! We have units in a variety of sizes that are perfect for backyard furniture, plus our monthly payment options allow you to store seasonal equipment without long term contracts.

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Seasonal Equipment and Tool Storage

Whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling, homeowners are always having to simultaneously perform regular maintenance while preparing for the future. From mowing the lawn to clearing the driveway of inches of solid ice, the daily requirements are seemingly endless. As such, not only is it important to have all of the right tools for each season, but it’s equally important to store and organize your seasonal equipment properly to ensure immediate access when situations arise. Below you will find some tips that cover how to properly store equipment to ensure it remains safe during the off-seasons, as well as suggestions for efficient storage methods.


While there are certainly specific tools and pieces of equipment to fit nearly every need you could possibly think of (and many that you can’t), most outdoor equipment can be grouped into two categories: electric and gas. If you can get away with using electric equipment, make sure that you have all of your cords and batteries stored in dry areas away from extreme temperatures when not in use. For gas-powered equipment, you’ll need to take a few steps at the end of each season to ensure that the engines remain in prime shape. Most importantly, you’ll want to run the engine until it is completely out of gas and shuts off by itself. Next, be sure to drain all oil and replace any parts that require tending to. Once the new season rolls around, you can refill the gas and oil and utilize the well-preserved engine that will serve you well for years to come.

On-Site Storage

Those of us that own lawnmowers, snowplows, and various other maintenance equipment know how these things take up a lot of real estate in sheds and garages. Not only that, but the sizes and weights ensure that they cannot be buried behind other items, unless somebody has an intense craving for digging through mountains of boxes to get the snowplow out for one driveway pass. During an off-season, be sure to organize your shed or garage in a way that allows for seasonal rotation, meaning that off-season supplies are pushed to the back while the current equipment remains in the front. As the season progresses, slowly start shifting items between the two areas to allow yourself the peace of mind that comes with a properly-stocked and perfectly-organized space.

A Space Place Storage

If space is either an issue or you simply don’t have the time or patience to deal with moving everything around (we don’t judge), A Space Storage is happy to provide you with the additional square footage you require. Our units come in a variety of sizes and range from ground-level units for rolling in heavy equipment, to climate-controlled buildings for smaller, more sensitive items. Whatever your storage problem is, let A Space Place Storage be your solution.

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Ideas For Family-Based Cleaning Fun

When children hear the word “cleaning,” they tend to run for the hills faster than a bobcat on the loose. Whether it is the bedroom, the backyard, or the living room, a parent is sure to be met with a resounding disapproval that will undermine the very fabric of time and space. Okay, maybe cleaning is not a situation of catastrophic proportions, but it is enough to throw off the fragile equilibrium of your home. Thankfully, we have compiled some tips to help you make cleaning more enticing for the young ones in your life. Not only will your house be clean, but you’ll be strengthening bonds and creating memories in the process! And don’t forget, A Space Place Storage provides units in a variety of sizes if you find that your house needs to be relieved of a bit of clutter!

Clean To The Beat

By adding a little bit of upbeat music to the cleaning process, you will be able to entice a child to complete tasks by working to the tempo and keeping in time. Not only will children be delighted to get up and dance around the house, but the high-energy nature of pop and rock will promote enthusiasm and an advanced work ethic. While typical upbeat music can range anywhere from 120 BPM (beats per minute) through the 160s, simply try to find some tunes that you and your child can both enjoy and have fun dancing to.

Life’s A Game

Just because organizing toys and preparing for company doesn’t immediately announce “GAME!”, don’t think that cleaning can’t be turned into a game of high stakes and perils. We might be getting carried away with the perils, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to entertaining ways of incorporating fantastical scenarios and creative rules into standard cleaning fare. Pretend that you and your child are on an Amazonian adventure and must find specific items in the jungles of your living room. Or perhaps you each only have a set number of steps to complete the room before dangers rule supreme!

The Power of Organization (And Tasty Treats)

Oftentimes, the most enjoyable aspects of life aren’t merely lighthearted games, but certifiable lessons that can aid us in successful futures. While a child may not be completely overjoyed by the prospect of cleaning a bedroom, the benefits of a well-organized room can be absolutely tremendous and overwhelmingly positive in the long run. So how do you convey the power of this message to a child? Tasty treats, of course! No, we’re not talking about loading up children with enough sugar to make them explode, but rather nutritious items that can be cooked for healthy snacks and meals. In addition to your child being excited to munch on an original creation, there is also the cooking time that can be spent bonding with one another!

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Maximizing Garage Storage Potential

Whether you have a garage big enough to barely fit a Mini Cooper or a space big enough for Jay Leno’s car fleet, it is important to see your garage for exactly what it is. Sure, it generally becomes the place to store massive quantities of items that you don’t want littered around your home, but to merely see it as a storage unit is to reject the storage and design possibilities it holds. After all, if you want a storage solution that is separate from your home, A Space Place Storage is the prime candidate for the role!

So without further ado, here are some simple ways that you can maximize storage capacity in your garage while doing it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing!

Aim For The Stars….Or The Rafters

Not all of your storage needs to be easily-accessible at all times. For seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, and miscellaneous other objects, it can be beneficial to keep them out of sight for the months when they are not needed. Thus, think about either using the rafters that already exist in your garage or adding ones for the sole purpose of storage. While you can certainly just lay items between the rafters, you may want to use lumber to create a solid platform or a couple of sections of platforms to store boxes and smaller items. These projects take very little carpentry skills and can take a massive chunk out of your garage’s clutter.

Don’t Bench The Workbench

Whether you have been unsuccessfully advocating for a workbench to your spouse for years or simply never thought of using one, A Space Place Storage is here to put full support behind these helpful garage additions! Not only will you have an area where you can tinker with various things and have some space for messy projects, but the amount of storage that can be gained is essential to keeping your home clean. Objects like screws and nails can be kept safely away from children and animals while your tools will be kept all together for immediate usage. So whether you are a regular handyman or have two left hands, a workbench can provide a welcome amount of storage and organization to your garage.

Peg “Pegboard” As Important

Though certainly a simple solution that doesn’t require much effort, installing a pegboard on a wall or section of your garage can instantly improve the look and organizational capabilities of the space. Sold at virtually every hardware store, pegboard can be sized to fit the exact specifications that you need and can be easily attached to any wall. With a combination of hooks and various pins, the storage possibilities are nearly endless, allowing for instant access to tools, equipment, and anything else you could possibly be looking to store. Additionally, pegboard is fully customizable and can be changed as necessary, so you will never be in a position where you are unable to appropriate additional space or move items around.

Have any garage storage ideas of your own or already have a garage that is already neat and tidy? Share your thoughts and pictures below!

Let’s Talk Backyard Storage

Whether you enjoy the luxuries of a massive backyard or a smaller, cozier space, the benefits of an outdoor area that you can call your own are seemingly limitless. From the peace of mind that fills every pore of your body to the overwhelming sense of serenity, a quiet backyard can be all you need to unwind from a day of problems and aggravations. Without proper storage, however, your private oasis can become an additional headache in your hectic life. With that said, here are some ideas for how you can keep all of your tools and other backyard items organized and out of sight!

The Shed: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If your backyard is big enough to house a shed, you will be treated to one of the most effective storage solutions imaginable! Not only can you purchase or hand-build a shed to meet highly-specific dimensions to fit your unique needs, but you can waterproof the area to essentially create an extension of the storage capabilities of your home. From lawnmowers and snow blowers to Christmas decorations and fertilizer, the storage possibilities and benefits are only limited by your imagination. If you don’t have room for a shed on your property, A Space Place Storage provides climate-controlled storage options that are accessible 24/7!

Outdoor Lockbox

Built primarily for properties that do not have the space for larger storage solutions, outdoor lockboxes can be perfect for storing a wide variety of tools and equipment. Coming in a wide range of sizes, you can find ones that are big enough to store bicycles and power tools to smaller ones for household items, pool supplies, and recyclables. The beauty of these useful boxes is that they are not only equipped with locks for safe-keeping, but they can be directly attached to your home for added safety and security. Boxes that are made of durable plastics or metals will also provide protection from the elements, allowing you to be sure that your items are protected year-round. Whether you are living in the frigid plains of Montana or under the sunny skies of San Diego, proper outdoor storage can be used anywhere.

Disguised Furniture

Outdoor furniture sets that come equipped with storage potential can be a great investment to not only provide you with necessary additional space, but also to add a bit of functionality and style to your backyard. While some chairs offer a bit of internal storage, the primary pieces you should look out for are chests disguised as tables and benches with a seat that covers a storage box. While you won’t be able to fill these pieces with anything significant, you will be able to keep hand tools and various items for lawn care outside your home; just make sure that they are properly closed and kept out of reach of children and animals!

Have any tips or tricks of your own to maximize outdoor storage? Sound off in the comments below!

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The Basics of Protecting And Storing Vinyl Records

The debate among audiophiles over the superior audio format may continue to rage through record stores and concert halls, but it’s clear that vinyl records have gained serious traction again in recent years. While the format will never rise above CDs or come anywhere remotely close to challenging digital formats in terms of sales, vinyl has both enthusiasm and nostalgia on its side. Whether you are an avid music collector or are just getting into the hobby, proper storage is absolutely essential to keep the records preserved for years to come. Check out some of our tips below for organizing and storing your beloved vinyl collection!

The Burning Sunlight

Let’s take a second to think about the power of the sun and the highly-susceptible nature of skin. If you were to stand out in direct sunlight for a few hours, you would presumably find your skin burned to some degree. Now think about your records sitting in the windowsill, exposed to direct sunlight every day for years on end. Records are your children…protect them. By keeping shelving units out of sunlight that shines through a window, you will be protecting the paper sleeves from sun damage and the resulting discoloration. There is nothing quite like a beautifully-crisp cover with vibrant colors and soft hues. Respect the sun!

The Uncomfortable Temperatures

While you probably don’t have to worry about your records melting unless you keep them stored in areas of extreme heat, consideration should definitely be taken to store them within a reasonable temperature range. Vinyl warping is a serious issue that occurs when records are kept in cold and hot temperatures alike, as well as direct sunlight. And temperatures don’t have to hover around Arctic or Sahara extremes either. Make sure to keep your vinyl collection indoors, staying clear of garages, basements, and attics that are not climate-controlled. If fluctuating temperatures cannot be helped, airtight bins will provide infinitely more protection than a standard moving box. A Space Place Storage offers climate-controlled units if temperature is an issue in your home!


                                          BEFORE                                                                                     AFTER

With A Space Place Storage, you can clean up your home so that you have room to properly display your beloved records!

The Crushing Weight

You may pick up a vinyl record and think that it’s light, but it’s important to take into account how thin they are and how many can fit on a shelf. When roughly a foot’s worth of vinyls are placed on a shelf, the weight totals 35 pounds, which can put a massive strain on shelves that are a few feet long. For newer albums that are pressed on 180 gram vinyl, the weight can be far more. When purchasing or designing shelving to store your records on, make sure that you keep maximum weight in mind. Many standard shelves will be unable to handle the weight without damaging the walls, so standalone shelving units that are firmly attached to a backing wall are ideal.

Now that you have an idea how to keep your collection in pristine condition, drop the needle on your favorite album and enjoy the warmth of the sound!

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Displaying & Storing Artwork

The right painting, photograph, or print can elevate a room from the ordinary pits of home design and transform it into something that is truly personal. While art can instantly brighten up a room or achieve a desired tone, hanging artwork and paying attention to design is not simply about making a house or apartment aesthetically pleasing. A photograph that captures a moment in time or a painting that carries weight not only for the artist, but for the individual that appreciates it as well, can turn a living space into a home. Your home is the one place that you can call your own and escape the accusations and judgments that make society almost impossible to tolerate at times. So when it comes to choosing artwork that puts your heart at ease, you may find that you have more pieces than you can properly display. Below are some tips for alleviating the problems of storing and displaying artwork.

Cool and Dry

You know how a lot of items come with labels that say “store in a cool and dry environment?” Well, artwork might not have those helpful tags, but the point is even more critical. Considering paintings are composed of materials that are incredibly susceptible to heat, the need to store them in an area that is temperature-regulated is an absolute must. Simply put, this means no unfinished basements, attics, or garages. Perhaps a little less obvious are space heaters and heating ducts, which can often be forgotten about, but are important to steer clear of as well. Likewise, moisture is also of tremendous concern both for paintings and photographs, so try to keep them out of areas that could flood or are exposed to possible moisture.

Artwork Doesn’t Appreciate Sunbathing

Sure, you and your dog may enjoy laying around in the afternoon sun, but rest assured, the artwork hanging in your home does not. Sunlight can directly affect the pigments in the pieces to fade, which will both devalue the piece and completely ruin it for your daily viewing pleasure. When hanging artwork on walls, be sure to take in not only the direct sunlight that is coming through any windows at that specific time, but also what areas of the room may be illuminated at different points of the morning and afternoon. The same rules apply for storing artwork, but relative darkness is even more ideal. If you are forced to stack your paintings, be sure to put sufficient padding in between each, and cover each one with a clean, moisture-resistant cloth.


Make space in your home so that you can properly display your favorite photographs, paintings, and other artwork!

A Space Place Storage

While you may initially have reservations about storing your paintings at a storage facility, we are here to tell you that…well…you should. Many storage facilities do not provide adequate temperatures or security for storing anything of value, leading to incredibly hot summers, cold winters, and general thievery. Thankfully, A Space Place Storage stands on its own with climate-controlled units that maintain constant, room temperatures throughout the year. Additionally, with a password-locked gate and security cameras, your possessions will remain safe from harm.

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Revamping Your Garage

When the summer rolls around, the excuse is always, “Well, I’ll definitely clean everything up once I am done using the lawn equipment for the season.” When the winter comes roaring in, the statement changes slightly to, “Ah, I’ll clean everything up once the snow melts.”

But that grand cleanup that you keep planning simply never comes. No matter what season it is or what obstacle gets thrown into its path, it’s a plan that never gets done. Alas, we are speaking about the dreaded garage. The problem with a garage is that, typically, it is receives more traffic than the basement and attic. As a result? Things quickly pile up and messes are only added to. Ready to put your foot down and reclaim the jungle that is your garage as your own?

Install Rafters

Whether or not your garage has come pre-equipped with rafters, not only is the elevated storage incredibly useful, but the process of putting it to use is simple and effective. Storage in the rafters is ideal for seasonal items like decorations and light tools, since their limited uses ensure that they will be taking up prime floor real estate elsewhere in the garage. Rafters are also great for longer and larger items, such as carpeting and light furniture. With a mild adjustment in the form of large wooden boards, rafters can also accommodate a wide variety of items thanks to a solid surface akin to a loft. With boards properly secured to the rafters, you will be able to store a large amount of tubs and other boxes to free up space.

Consider A Workbench

Both experts in DIY and individuals who can barely hold a hammer will certainly find various uses for a workbench. Though they don’t take up a particularly significant amount of space, the various drawers and cabinets that they provide are ideal for smaller items, tools, and other household accessories. Plus, it’s always great to have a little indoor area for home projects that you don’t need to worry about spills. From repairing glasses to tinkering with a television remote, a workbench provides terrific, condensed storage.

Think About Your Car

Would you want to spend all of winter’s coldest nights and summer’s scorching afternoons out in the elements? Well, neither does your car! Though your car may not have cognitive functions or actual intelligence (unless you’re driving KITT from Knight Rider), if it could talk, it would certainly say that its engine and paint are not weather-proof. With the extra space that you make in your garage, you will be able to once again park your car in the safety of the enclosed structure. And, perhaps most importantly for you, if your garage is connected to your home, this means no more icy walks to the door or tough struggles with armloads of groceries! And don’t forget, if your garage is packed to the brim with items, A Space Place Storage has units in a variety of sizes to help you store everything from small trinkets to spare cars!

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A Rocking Place Storage

You bought a beat-up six string – in a secondhand store. You didn’t know hot to play it – but you knew for sure. You started rocking – ain’t never gonna stop. Keep on rocking – someday gonna make it to the top.

And be a storage expert? Not this time! For you are destined to be a jukebox hero! While music and storage units understandably don’t tend to go together like bread and butter, A Space Place Storage is here for all of your rocking needs. In case that isn’t clear, let’s clarify once and for all. A Space Place Storage welcomes bands to use storage units as practicing facilities. Yes, really.

Bigger Than You Think

Whether you are crammed into a basement or have no practicing space at all, A Space Place Storage provides units that will seem like an absolute luxury. With units that run as big as 10′ x 30′ and 20′ x 25′, some of our Melville and Centereach units are bigger than many basements and garage areas. And with a few tweaks with hanging up some foam, you can make the facility fairly acoustically-pleasing for even some recording sessions. Whether you are practicing as a duo or a full band, there is sure to be enough room for all of your members to let loose.

Electric Hook-Ups

Sure, a sentimental love ballad on your grandfather’s acoustic guitar sounds lovely, but sometimes you just need to play a power chord or bang that snare. With electrical hook-ups available, you can turn your storage unit into a certifiable practice room able to accommodate a wide variety of instruments and setups. By merely running extension cords into your unit, you can have power for your instruments and amps, allowing you to conduct full practices. So line up those electric guitarists and even the keyboardists, because it’s time to unleash your soul through the power of music.

24/7 Access

If you were slightly apprehensive about the prospect of not being able to access your practice area, know that A Space Place Storage offers 24/7 access through a secure gated entrance. Not only will your instruments and equipment be safe, but you’ll have direct access to everything at all hours of the day and night. And depending on the size of your band, a storage unit can be split multiple ways and come out to far, far less than renting a monthly space to practice. Split four ways, even the largest unit comes out to less than $4 a day. Cut out the french fries or side salad on that combo meal and you’ve got yourself a practicing facility.

With an assortment of sizes, flexible pricing, and electricity, the only thing standing in your way of becoming a rock legend…is you. We see those stars in your eyes. Rock on, jukebox hero. Rock on.

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