3 Things to Check Before Halloween

Halloween weekend is a time for joy for people of all ages. Yet, if you’re a homeowner, you know it comes with some added baggage. One of the biggest holidays of the year comes with a lot of items to add to the to do list. Here are 3 major items to make sure you have covered.


Before strangers, especially children, start walking onto your lawn and your front steps, it’s important to make sure they are clear of clutter and presentable. It’ll only take a few hours at most, and the difference it will make will be drastic. A quick cleanup can make the entrance of your home and front yard very presentable to the numerous strangers who will trek across it in the coming days. Also, you don’t want there to be anything that would get anyone hurt on your property. If you need some last second storage options, remember to keep us in mind as we’re always here to help!


Building off the last item on our list, it’s important to show off a festive mood. A clean and nice looking house can be one-upped by a festive and well-decorated one. Our last blog post article covers Halloween decorations in more detail, and we strongly suggest you look into them so you can be one of thee top Halloween places in your neighborhood. Being a part of a community means getting involved in community events, and being a festive home surely puts you on that path. Also, especially if you plan to host a Halloween party, these decoration ideas can go a long way.


Last but not least, you must ensure you have an ample supply of candy! No matter how nice or festive your house looks, you will disappoint a lot of people, mostly the kids, if you don’t have enough candy for the trick-or-treating that will be happening. Also, make sure you have quality brand name candies. It may be enticing to personalize the treats you give out, but parents are wary of personalized items, so a nicely packaged brand-name treat will make everybody happy!

Make sure to check these items off of your Halloween to-do list as soon as possible!

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Image by Loretta Humble, via Free Images.