3 Snow Clean-Up Tips

With  winter storms in our near future, now is the time to start to preparing for them. Cleaning up snow is not an activity anybody enjoys, but proper snow clean-up can save you time and money. Here are some tips to streamline your snow clean up.

Snow Blower

Buying a snow blower is an easy solution. They can make your snow clean up orders of magnitude easier faster. The time and effort involved with shoveling is immediately removed. Not only that, the risk of injury is removed with the purchase of a snow blower. Like other machined ways to perform physical tasks, a snow blower is an expensive up front cost. However, in terms of real cost it can be worth it. If it makes your commute easier in the morning, it is directly making you more productive. Where to keep it? You only need a snow blower a few months a year, so our storage options can keep it safe for the rest of the year.

Incremental Shoveling

If you’re shoveling, anything more than a few inches of snow is going to pose a problem. That is why shoveling while it is still snowing may be a smart option. By shoveling incrementally at every few inches, the physical strain of shoveling large amounts is taken out. When it finally stops snowing, you will be very happy you invested the time during the storm to make the amounts of snow manageable. This also bodes well if you won’t necessarily have the time to shovel when the snow accumulates, or if you don’t want the snow to solidify and settle overnight.


If you can’t shovel incrementally, layering is a method to make shoveling accumulated snow easier. It involves making multiple passes through the area you’re shoveling. Instead of going inch by inch trying to tackle the whole amount of snow. This method involves quickly passing through and take a couple inches off the top of the snow each time around. By focusing on these lighter and quick shoveling methods it eases the strain on you and can be accomplished more quickly.

Follow these 3 steps to save time and money this winter!

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Image by St. Mattox, via Free Images.